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The evolution of Cortana

Here is an interesting comparison of Cortana over the course of the 4 halo games:

PTesh Walkthrough of Halo 4's new Promethean Weapons

PTesh adds his dulcet prepubescent tones over the top of one of the new trailers for weapons that are going to be featured in Halo 4.

Take a look.

For those having trouble with the videos..

Try upgrading your browser to Google chrome (you wont regret it).

There is probably an IE related bug in the main gibson, I will get it fixed shortly.


Low quality comments are being purged

I have decided that low quality comments are to be purged to increase the signal to noise ratio.

For example if you post "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm poo" (an actual comment that was made), it will probably be deleted.


Halo 4 due to be released November 6th 2012

Hooray for matcher chief. Hopefully 343 will put some eggs in there so we can stay in business.