Halo 2 Easter Eggs

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Secret Message

If you managed to get out of the level "Backwash" there is a secret message for everyone who managed to break the bounds of the map. It reads "ITS LOOKIN A LITTLE ROUGH OUT HERE" and is written in red blood.

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Energy Sword Grunts

Start on delta halo. Continue the level normally until you get to the tank part. Once you get to the part when a pelican drops supplies, head up the ramp on the left side when you come out of the preivious area. A large block will be blocking a doorway. use grenades or rockets (rockets work better) and the block will eventually move out of the way. There will be 2 dead grunts with energy swords lying next to them.

This is what a heretic banshee looks like.

Secret Heretic Banshee

On The Great Journey, once you start the level, melee the white elite until he falls off of the cliff. Then melee the elite in the spectre, but don't hurt the spectre. You need to stand at an angle to do so. Then, don't drive any vehicles from then on. Walk past all the enemies (I recommend playing on easy for this to be done) and once you get to where there are two wraiths guarding a doorway, kill them by boarding them, and do this by ONLY melee. Then continue on through the doorway. Go on as you would normally through the level. At the part where you finally make it to the top floor where the scarab is, skip the cutscene. Then carefully jump down from the platform onto the ground. Go all the way to the beginning of the level, without using, firing, or destroying vehicles. Once you get to the cliff (that you push the elite off in the beginning), this is where that spectre (which you killed the elite inside at the beginning) comes in. Get in the spectre( ignoring the other spectres), drive it carefully off the cliff, and at the bottom, you will find a new heretic banshee with a dead elite under it. You may then fly the banshee outward toward the building. There is also another heretic banshee on the ground farther out. Good luck!

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Why am I here?

On beaver creek if you go up up the ramp to the left side of the blue base you will see a rock that is loose. You can knock that rock down the bottom of the level and read the words underneath which are "Why am I here?". This is a nod to Rooster Teeth's "Red vs Blue" series. The first episode is called "Why are we here?".

Cowardly Grunt

Cowardly grunt

If you kill all the brutes in a certain room the scared grunt in the corner will talk. He says "Please no hurt, me like Elites. Brutes stinky bad bad! Me stay here and make sure no brutes come behind mighty arbiter?". He comes up as green on your reticle marking him as a friendly unit.

Spinning Pelican

Get in Pelican

On the ramp the scarab blows up the scorpion, a Pelican dropship unloads marines. (this is before you go into the building, while you are on the street) If you park a wraith on the top of the ramp you can jump near the open hatchway and hold "x," you should get in the side seat. (you may get pushed out by marines) the ship takes off after a few seconds and flies over the place you are supposed to go and out of the map. It then crashes into a wall and eventually onto an invisible strip of ground.

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Soccer Ball

This is a really cool easter eggs and there are a few ways to get it. You need to go part in Metropolis that is outside with the wraiths attacking you. There is a building that has been blasted open on one corner from the scarab beam. You can grenade jump up to it using the blasting abilities of the sputnik skull or use the banshee glitch that is also used to obtain the scarab gun.

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Invincible Warthog

Proceed through the level as you would normally until you reach a dark tunnel where you need a flashlight. After that, hop in a warthog and continue through the level. As are about to enter the giant tunnel, turn around and go back to the spot right after the dark tunnel. If you are looking straight out from that tunnel, follow the path on your right (not down the road, but against the wall) until you reach a porch type area, there will be a warthog on it that is completely invincible like the ones in Halo CE.

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Hidden Bomb Message

In multiplayer when you arm the bomb after you have put it down text appears on the top of the bomb. Different messages such as 'Thus I Refute Thee', 'Hold Onto Yer Butt' and 'Kiss It Goodbye' appear on the bomb depending on what multiplayer level you load.

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Grunt playing with masterchief doll

Alternative Cut Scenes

The opening cutscene on Delta Halo changes with the difficulty you select. Before the grunt gets on the turrent he is playing with a different thing on each difficulty. On Heroic the grunt is playing with fire and on Legendary its playing with a Master Chief doll.

Halo 2's Megg

At the last part of the level where you have to secure the bomb (scene: return to sender), you have to be on legendary with no co-op. You have to have the Thunderstorm Skull (no other skulls) active and it must be active before the 1st checkpoint. You cant die, or even lose 100% of shields, you cant revert or quit while trying to find it. If succeeded you will hear this message being broadcasted over the intercom: "Paging Megg, please report to the red courtesy phone. Meg to the red courtesy phone.".

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The Scarab Gun

Start off on the Metropolis level, and eliminate the Marines that board the Scorpion - you?ll be glad you did. Cross the bridge as you normally would and destroy all the Ghosts and Wraiths that you encounter. When more Marines join the fight, though they are your own guys, take them out as well before reaching the end of the bridge. At the end of the bridge take out the Banshees that attack you but leave one in the air. Also, make sure to hijack a ghost before entering the tunnel. Lure the Banshee into the tunnel(you don't have to shoot at it, just stay in range). You have to lure the banshee all the way into the tunnel until you get to the hole at the end where you go into the next part of the level. You need to jack the banshee as the "Loading" is triggered. Once you have jacked it you can fly around in the next part of the mission. All you need to do now is fly upwards to the two huge bridges and grab the scarab gun (it looks like a plasma rifle).

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Halo CE Pistol on Tombstone

After the notoriously overpowered Halo 1 pistol was weakened dramatically in Halo 2, the team responsible for Halo 2's maps, Certain Affinity put the pistol on the map inside a fence just to tease fans of the old pistol. It has been confirmed that you cannot actually pickup the gun, it remains a decorative feature.

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Blue Screen of Death

On Zanzibar, if you go into the room with the huge generator and flip the switch of the gate left of the generator a blue message will appear on the console. This is a gag pertaining to the blue screen of death in Microsoft operating systems. It reads:

A total FU exception has occurred at your location. All system functionality will be terminated.
*Press any key to power cycle the system. If system does not restart, scream at top of lungs and pound on keypad.
*If you need to talk to a programmer, press any other key.
Press any key to continue

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Ling-Lings Head

If you change the date on your Xbox to different special events the sign in the water on Zanzibar will change. The coolest is if you change your date to 7/7/7, you will see Ling Lings head on the sign. Other dates include:

- 01/01/xx (Baby shark)
- 25/12/xx (Soffish)
- 31/10/xx (Carnage zone symbol)

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Sword hologram

Hologram Glitch

Somewhere in the level out in the open in front of the sniper base there is a flaming pillar. Go to it and get a wraith. Some people report that slowly pushing someone into that pillar will push them through and they will get killed by the gardians and other say that boosting them with a wraith works also. The idea is that you can force someone into the pillar and they when they are killed by the guardians they will spawn on top of the level. The effect is especially cool when you have a sword.

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Legendary Jason Jones Cardboard Cutout

When playing on Legendary during the cutscene where the grunts are confronting the brutes the camera shows a grunt holding up a cardboard cutout of Jason Jones. This same egg appears in Halo 3 as the "Jason Jones Floating Cardboard Cutout" Easter Egg. It seems Jason himself or someone else at Bungie is a hobbyist exhibitionist when it comes to Jason's programmers tan.

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Rooster Teeth Logo

On Turf if you go into the garage you will find a vending machine. One is Blue with a rooster and the other is Red with some false teeth. This is a nod to Rooster Teeth, the creators of the "Red vs Blue" series. Very clever but humorous Easter Egg Bungie! ;)

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Pet Brute

It doesn't matter what difficulty you play on, but if you proceed through the level Great Journey and you get to the end of it (the part just after Johnson destroys the door to Tartarus), if you hijack a brute-controlled banshee, then the brute that gets kicked out of it will not attack you. He won't even have any weapons. He just follows you around like a stalker until you kill him.

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Glitching with banshee

Getting Vehicles in the Final Battle

You can actually get a number of vehicles inside the final battle. It works with ghosts and banshees. The trick is pretty much to clip the wings off vehicles if they are too large and then park it right outside the door that gets you a checkpoint. Once you go and trigger the cutscene you can backtrack and it wont have disappeared.

Hi Ben

Hi Ben

Start Regret and then proceed until you kill all of the Elites and Drones. Go outside and to your right you will see a temple without a bridge. Get up there (grenade jumping works) and go to the room at the right. Use your flashlight and go to the left corner and zoom in with your scope, you will see the hidden message "Hi Ben".

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Bloody Marine

On the level Cairo Station, some times there is a bloodied Marine running around. He has blood splatter on him and is missing his helmet. He is besides his appearence, the same as any other Marine.

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Tyson "Ferrex" Green, lead level designer created most of the great journey and has left his mark in various places throughout the Halo series: Once you reach the control room go to the highest point possible (you will need to go by foot most of the way as the banshee wont go very high) then use the Sputnik Skull (see skulls guide) to jump to the highest pillar. There will be the word "Rex".

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Rex Sword

Start on Outskirts on any difficulty. Fight through the part until the Hunters break through the door. Kill them, and then go through. Very quickly run into the next part and ignore the Jackals shooting at you. You should see two blue crates stacked on top of each other. Jump onto them to the higher platform, and you should see two green crates right next to each other. Jump on one of them, turn around to the direction of the Jackals, and then jump onto the light post in front of you. Once on the light post, turn directly around and jump onto the rafters of the building you see.

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Frankie's Face on Halo Ring

If you download the Xbox live map "containment" and then use your sniper rifle to examine the Halo ring you will find none other than Frank O'conner's face in the ring. Frankie was Bungies weekly update writer and community manager for some years and was much loved by the community. His face once again appears in Halo 3's Standoff Moon in the Sky, along with another Easter Egg of three of the same Bungie employee standing on the platform of the Satellites.

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