Halo 3 Easter Eggs

A marathon terminal

Marathon Man (All Halo 3 Terminals)

The Marathon Man is a 40 gamer score achievement in Halo 3 which you can unlock by finding and accessing all hidden terminals in the campaign. Terminals were a series of computers stations and teleporters found in the Marathon trilogy, a series which has contributed Easter Eggs to all of Bungie later games.

The Ark

Terminal 1
The first terminal is found the first time you walk inside (in a small hallway). The first time you go inside, you will see a door almost immediately on the left. Simply enter this area of the level to find the first of the seven terminals.

Terminal 2.
When you go inside the structure to let the tanks across the bridge of light, there will be a Terminal almost directly behind the controls for the bridge. It?s an easy find!

Terminal 3.
You?ll miss this terminal if you are not careful. After defeating the scarab, you will head into a large structure. There will be a room with several sleeping grunts. Nearly directly following this room is another room in which you can take two different directions. There is a door, and a staircase (both eventually lead to the next room). Underneath the staircase is an additional door that leads to the 3rd terminal.

The covenant

Terminal 4.
After you have shut down the first shield generator, go down in the lift as usual but when you get to the bottom don't jump off. On one side there will be a room you can jump over to from the lift. The terminal is in there.

Terminal 5.
After you have got your hornet do not fly to you objective yet, along the way there will be a forerunner installation jutting out of the cliff to your right. Land there and at the back off the building in a room you will find the terminal, you can find and claim the Thunderstorm skull if you haven't got it yet it's located near by.

Terminal 6.
When you have disabled the last shield generator come back down the lift and to one side there will be a room you can jump over to, there terminal is inside.


Terminal 7.
Near the beginning of the level continue as usual but when you come to the part where the path slopes down to the base of the control room take a right turn into a small passage. Cortana will say something like "Chief where are you going?", ignore her and keep going. At the end of the passage way Cortana will say "wait go back". Take a left and the terminal will be there.

Happy terminal hunting. And remember to stay in the terminal until it kicks you out or it will not save and you will end up not getting the achievement.

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Hidden flood battle

Right at the beginning of the level by the turret look around to the left of the hill, you should spot a battle that doesn't seem to serve any other purpose to the gameplay other than being a cool little egg to find.

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Creepy Cortana

In the High Ground base, behind the flag, there's a desk with a computer type thing, with many screens. Watch the small screen left of the keyboard, and from time to time a picture of Cortana, looking a bit creepy will appear.

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Grunt Face

Just like in Halo Reach's Forge mode there is a Grunt Face printed upon the Golf Club and Golf Flag. This is a common Easter Egg face for games in forge mode We couldn't find the actual picture from the game but this is the face below..

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Suicidal Marine

Spawning in Floodgate, any difficulty, follow the path in town, once you get to the gates that are damaged, go into the left alley, and go into the courtyard with Marines and Flood fighting, go into the structure on the right of the ramp and see a Marine get infected, dodge him and go left into the big Marine and Flood battle go into the next big room and get onto the bridge in the middle by taking some stairs near the right of itself. Go across and into the room with a hole in the middle of it, jump down and a cutscene of Cortana is there, get out of the room by walking through some doors in the back, this will take you on the other side of where the ramp was in the courtyard. On the right wall of the room, there should be a door that leads to a small room, and some more Flood will come after you. And there will be 2 walls splitting the room, ignore the doors, you can't go through them. Once your done moving around the second wall, there should be an open door, and by now you can hear the Marine sobbing about killing his infected teammates. If you stay there long enough (I estimate 10 minutes or so, maybe less.) the Marine that was sobbing will shoot himself in the head with a pistol. You can kill him also.

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Lone Monkey Man

On Sierra 117, on the opposite side of the river where jackals may appear and shoot you, to the left zoom in and you may see a lone monkey man. It's like the monkey family, but there's only one monkey person. You are also able to get out of the map by following the path to the skull and then using a buddy to jump up and out of the map (see video).

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Canadian Coin

On snowbound, if you go to the active camo spawn, right next to the camo, on the ground, if you look really closely you can find a Canadian dollar coin.

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Dead Seagulls

Go to the farthest left corner of the beach with a sniper rifle. You will then see some seagulls. Snipe one of them until you think its close enough above you. Like other birds in Halo they just disinigrate in the air, but not these! wait a while and the dead seagull will drift slowly with the current towards you and onto the beach. And when you shoot it blood flies everywhere.

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See Through Chief's Visor

If you get into a mongoose and you have the 3rd person view someone can get behind you and you can position yourselfs so that you are looking straight through his visor. This was only possible in the Halo 3 beta which has since long been lost in the sands of time.

Da Vinci Code Egg

Da Vinci Code Egg

Spawn in sandtrap with an invulnerable shield. Be in forge to if you want to. But go to the invisable barrier and walk back and forth into it then end the game ok. Then go to theater mode put the camera at the barrier were you walked into it. Walk into camera until your body pushs the camera thru the barrier. Try a couple times until the camera goes thru the barrier. Then fly to one of the towers lining up around the level that have lights on it. at the top of each tower there will be an easter egg with letters and will be blue. But be carefull they're very small. Good Luck with it.

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Longshore Date Messages

The words Suck It Fronk is an in Halo 3's DLC map Longshore. It is located inside the freezer and is easier to see with the turret glitch. The words are on the right hand side but must be seen at an angle in order to fully read, as it is hard to see when looking straight at it. It is a bitmap, and therefore takes no effect when a grenade is thrown in its direction or shot at. It's likely a reference to the food brand Fronk's

Like the Canteen's Chalkboard, Suck it Fronk also changes on holidays.

Christmas Day: Seventh Column
Bungie Day: The sign reads "7/7/7"
Halloween: A skull
July 4: The sign reads "Home of The Free"
Cinco De Mayo: The sign reads "Root Beer @ Bob's Place"
New Years Day: The sign reads "Flash Freeze This"
Earth Day: An image of Fronk is there with the words "Save me" above him and "Eat Beef" below him. This is possibly a reference to the popular Advice Dog images found throughout the internet, as two completely different and unrelated pieces of advice are listed above and below a dogs head
Veterans Day: A Spartan hand giving a "rock on" gesture.

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Valhalla Date Messages

When your xbox console is set to different dates certain messages will appear on the side on one of the bases.

- January 1st: Make Love Not War
- April 22nd: A skull with a recycling sign.
- May 5th: Toady Was Live!
- July 4th: BBQ at Bob's Place
- July 7th: Seventh Column Symbol.
- October 31st: A grave stone reading R.I.P."
- November 11th: Kilroy Was Here.
- December 25th: A Christmas light with an X on it.

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Scenery Change

After a period of time you can see isolation starting to change from being nice and green, to being flood infested and grotty.

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Hidden marine on "The Covenant"

When you are close to when the scarabs drop find a ghost and go up the mountain side. Use your boost to climb the mountain.Keep going until you reach the top.Continue until you see the marine.[Remember to hurry!]

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Hidden Mongoose

In the final run of the level, at the first turn after you get into Johnsons warthog, go left and there should be a Mongoose sitting there waiting to be used. And don't take too long finding it, cause Halo is collapsing behind you. Have fun!

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Red vs. Blue Dialouge

On the "Crow's Nest" Level (Number 3) When you get your gear and heads towards the fight you see the warthog blow up and you fight with grunts you need to keep going straight to the dead end (instead of turning left to advance) and turn right to see a marine knocking on a door to have something said depending on difficulty, Its hilarious RvB.

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Morse Code and Halo theme songs

There is a Morse Code signal coming out of the radio on High Ground in the base behind the flag. There are 3 separate messages: First translates to "Frogblast the Ventcore" Second is an acronym "sababwl. This acronym also appears on the Halo Soundtrack. It relates to a quote by Joe Staten, who was quoting Marty O'Donnell, "XBOX Halo is shiny and bumpy and bursting with love!". The third translates into "Don't make us kick your ass". Then after the messages, you may hear some Halo theme songs playing off of the radio.

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Jason Jones Floating Cardboard Cutout

Jason Jones, a man who has been once Again put into the game remains as a funny Easter Egg. He was in Halo 2 in an Easter Egg titled "Legendary Jason Jones Cardboard Cutout". Put into the game again, he is a common Easter Egg, not only as his tanned cardboard cut out but also as a "Missing" poster you may come across in out lists of Easter Eggs.

When you start the level, go forward and hug the wall until you come to the point where you can jump down into the soon-to-be flood infested area. Turn right and go into a small forrunner structure with a terminal to the left, and a large gap with a blue light/laser beam streaming across it. The man is at the end of the corridor, on a platform to the left. You must grenade jump, or use the gravity hammer to launch yourself (or friends) onto the support beams ahead, then simply jump to the side-platform. If that fails, use the theater.

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Carnage Symbol

If you go into the theatre and look at Sandbox, if you examine all the spires closely enough eventually you will find the carnage symbol on one of them.

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Grunt Crossing

In the Halo 3 Announcement Trailer, a 'Grunt Crossing' sign can be seen. This was also shown in the "E3: Making of the Documentary" video released by Bungie. Bungie's official response to this was: "The New Mombassa City Council had an incredibly efficient public works department until and even during the tragic and devastating Covenant invasion". This has got to be one of the cooler Halo 3 Easter Eggs out there.

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Frankie's Face on Moon

Once again Frank O'conner's face is printed on a texture as an Easter Egg by Bungie.Frankie was Bungies weekly update writer and community manager for some years and was much loved by the community. He is printed on the moon on the map Standoff if you got the Heroic Map Pack. But the Easter Eggs don't stop there. Another one is of a Bungie employee standing on the platform of the satellites you can see in another Easter Egg within the list.

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Guy on Balcony

A guy can be seen on a standing on a balcony on the edge of one of those massive satellites. You may need to grab a sniper and stand on something high in forge to spot him.

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Hippo Doll in Rubbish

There is some sort of doll in the rubbish on highground. You can find this by using your monitors light and looking under the stairs next to the pipe room.

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MF Heart

Before you enter the area where the Brute is holding the Marine by the neck, one of the trees has a heart carved onto it with MF in it. Its hard to see while playing so I suggest using theatre.(Also hard to find because its dark.)

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Whale on Longshore gradually opens eyes

If you look at the picture of the whale on the wall over time, you will notice that it's eyes slowly open.

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M+L Heart

When you get to the part where there is a brute holding a marine by his neck and asks "tell me its location" he will say "kiss my ass" after killing all the enemies go to the bridge where the marine was, near that bridge (off towards the path you came from) is a tree, jump in between the trees branches and if you look around you should find a carving that says "m+l (and a date)" surrounded in carved heart.

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Marathon Logo on Assault Carrier

In the part of the level where you have to defend the 2 (or 3) phantoms that drop off the covenant (you do this 2 times) you can pause go into theater and freecam out the exit of the building, go to the Assault Carrier and look at where the banshees are coming out of, you'll see a Marathon logo.

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Elephant Flip

Go into Sandtrap in forge and track lots of energy coils underneath the elephant. Then set their respawn time to instant. Blow them up and the elephant will flip over. Once it's flipped on the screen it will say "Hold RB to flip... wait, what? How did you do that?" because normally it would be impossible to flip the elephant.

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Peeing Brute

After busting into a room with a bunch of covenant you go through only to find a brute taking a leak in the corner. I enjoy assassinating this brute, he takes about 4 or 5 seconds to react to your presence.

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Cavemen like Money Family with Doll

After you encounter the Jackal Snipers in that valley way, after the Pelican gets shot down, walk on the left side of the wall where the rocks are jutting out. Make it onto the last rock ledge on the wall and turn to your left. In a small gap you can find some strange monkey people. Watch the video below for a demonstration.

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Helmet Shaped Ship

This appears on the level The Storm. It is actually the back of a ship in the area where you fight the Scarab tank however it appears to look very much like master chiefs helmet.

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Hidden Missing Note

Play the level until you reach a dead brute who had a gravity hammer and near it is a dead marine who had a SMG. Above the marine is an opening in the wall. Go into this opening with your flashlight on. On the ground you will see a MISSING note. It appears to be a bungie employee (Jason Jones) that cannot be found.

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Pirate Poster

On "The Storm", where you fight the scarabs, get a ghost on to the platform that is closest to the giant ship wreck. Have somebody stand on the ghost and have the ghost boost into the ship. At the last second jump off the ghost and land on the ship. As you start exploring the interior you can climb into the ship from the top and you will find a pirate poster.

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Jerk Store Grunt

We all know of the Food Nipple grunt of Halo:CE, but now there is another. While riding your Warthog through the end of the level, listen to what Cortana is saying. When she says that it is 90% charged, you are getting really close. Once you start heading straight towards it look towards your right. Eventually you'll see a grunt on a small ledge. (You'll have to restart from the last checkpoint as you wont have enough time to go back to your hog) Walk up to it and it will say the soon to be classic line, "Hey demon, the jerk store called, and they're all out of you!" and a few other things. He'll then say that if you don't kill him, he'll shine your boots. He'll shine your helmet. And then eventually say something about not knowing what he's doing half the time becuase of "the gas". Well what are you waiting for, go find him!

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Writing on Bullets

On the Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle, Human Turret and Sniper rifle the bullet shells all say "CHIEF EG-X". Not too sure what this means, but it seems to be on a lot of human weapons.

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7 Scar on Miranda's Cheek

7 has been associated with many different easter eggs and is considered to be Bungie's favorite number. The number can be seen as a scar on the face of Miranda Keyes.

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Checkpoint 8

This egg is right as you come up the the 1st large bridge (right after you destroy the shild with the drones inside) once you reach the area where you first come out look behind you and up and you will see the sign that reads "Checkpoint 8". It also just so happens that there are 7 checkpoints leading up to this area, so its saying the 8th is just up ahead.

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Siege of Madrigal

After the part where you have to defeat 2 Scarabs at once, don't go into the building and proceed with the mission just yet, Instead climb on the left side of the structure onto a Grey metal support beam. Keep walking along the beam on the left side until you reach the end. At this point, Martie's famous Siege of Madrigal should start playing. See the video below for more a demonstration. (One of admin's first video)

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Choppers on Final Run

On Legendary, stick to the left wall (after passing the mongoose area) behind the rocks lies two choppers. It's just before you drive onto the big tiles that fall down.

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