Halo Anniversary Easter Eggs

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Halo Anniversary Terminals

Not much information has come out for this game yet regarding easter eggs, accept that it has been confirmed that all new easter eggs will feature in the game. The one new piece of interesting information that has been released is the addition of terminals, which will behave similar to the way they did in Halo 3.

Frankie has said in an interview that they will add new depth to the Halo story. Click "Read More" to see a sneak peek video of the terminals.

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Troll Face on Pillar of Autumn Notice Board

If you look at the notice board on the pillar of Autumn, you can see the popular internet meme, 'trollface'.

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Hidden Picture of Headlong on Breakneck

This is the hidden picture of Halo 2's Headlong on Halo CEA's Breakneck. It is located right behind the wall that meats land and water, you can not see it unless you are in a Banchie or in Theater mode. A little memorial to Halo 2, kind of a weird Easter Egg though because this game takes place before Halo 2. :/

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Spartan GRD Doll Easter Egg

Appearntly the Leaked GRD Helmet in the Defiant map pack also appears as a doll Easter Egg in several maps in Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary, also said to be hidden in the Firefight map, but the location of it is at the end of the video below.
Have fun!

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Grunt in Barrel, GRD Doll switch, and Hidden picture of Damnation

This is a special Egg post because we have three eggs all in one! We thank the same poster who posted the last Egg on the "GRD Doll Switch" which you can see in the list for Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary. But here we have how to get the"Grunt in a Barrel", "GRD Doll" without glitching the map in Forge mode, and where the other hidden map picture is of "Damnation" from halo Combat Evolved. There is a very helpful tutorial below so you can follow how to preform these Easter Eggs and find them. We once again thank you guys for theses Eggs, without all of you this wouldn't be the Halo Easter Eggs Community we are today! :) So this is a special post, we have never had 3 Eggs in one.

beaver creek hidden photo

Hidden Picture of Beaver Creek in Battle Canyon

Hidden in Battle Canyon, there is a hidden picture of Halo 2's Beaver Creek. It is a small picture, but it is on the underside of the structure hanging above Red Base. There are more of these hidden pictures, surprisingly enough, a nice memorial to Halo 2, but weird because this game takes place before Halo 2.
Good hunting! :)

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Penance Switch for GRD Doll

When the GRD Doll was first found people had to glitch there way to get to the Penance GRD Doll. Later discovered was another technique that showed another easy way to receive the GRD Doll without Glitching the map.
For that we thank you guys! This is the second Egg post about the GRD Dolls and this one is a hidden why to receive it so enjoy! :)
There is also another Easter Egg below in the list showing the same thing along with three other Eggs in the same map, go check 'em out!
And don't forget, good Hunting! ;)

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Halo Anniversary Skulls

It has been confirmed that skulls are going to be hidden in various places throughout the Halo: Anniversary Campaign. Players will be able find skulls in the campaign (although only available in the remastered mode) to active different gameplay effects. Skulls have appeared in all subsequent Halo games after the release of Halo CE so it looks like 343i is taking the opportunity to give Halo fans some extra fun in that old classic we all love.

After finding the skulls in the campaign, players will be able to activate them from a skulls menu.

Click read more to see a full list of the skull locations and effects.

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Secret Room on Solitary

There's a huge secret room on the map solitary. Watch the video to know how to get there. This can be done in forge mode only, or in custom with the teleporter previously placed.

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343 Guilty Spark Visits

On the new fire fight level Installation 04 if you go into one of the small building structures with the Ammo and Health Pack there's a window were the 343 Guilty Spark will occastionaly fly by. We kept getting requests for this but no video evidence, but at last here is the only video of this Easter Egg on You Tube so far so please mind the quality but enjoy! :)

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Easter Egg buttons on keyboard

On the keyboard in the opening cutscene of pillar of Autumn, there are a few little common Emotion Faces printed on the Keys in the Red circles. A little bit of a joke from the new Halo Games developers. :)
The faces tat can be scene are ">_<", "o_O", "*_*", and what appears to be "(~)" symbol or something, and the other one that is actually hard to see IS and "esc" button. If you look very closely you can see it, not only that but just about every keyboard has the Escape button located there. But the bottom left Blank triangle key is strange the other has a little marking. If you look closely I think you can see the operating system button, it looks like a windows icon printed on the key. There are also strange buttons next to the volume button on the top right.
We may know more after the game is released. But at this time, this is all we can see.

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