Halo CE Easter Eggs

Ghost on Elevator

Fall Through Elevator

On AotCR After you go through the outside area with the banshee, two ghosts, a few turrets, and lowered path with two doors at the bottem and an elite in each, grab a ghost by taking out one of the drivers and take it through the level untill you reach an elevator that goes up (should be the first you come to) and put the ghost on it. Get out and activate the elevator. Get back in the ghost and when the elevator moves up, you should go through the floor. If you land correctly and dont flip, you will be at the bottem of the shaft.

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343 Guilty Spark's Comments

Get to a point where 343 Guilty Spark stops and hovers, waiting for you. Make sure you have a pistol, and make sure there are no Flood around. Start shooting him with your pistol while he is floating. He should turn towards you. Keep shooting and he will say stuff like the following. "Please control your temper." "Please stop firing your weapon." "Are you finished yet?" "We have more important business here." "That is completely unnecessary!" and my own personal favorite, "Please stop being human!"

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UI Glyphs

UI Glyphs

Go to multiplayer and move your courser over "edit game types". Look at the picture of Master Chef, and read the description pointing at his armor, it very small and hard to see . The one on under the very top right says "all your base are belong to us" which is a phrase from badly translated game from Sega Genesis called "Zero Wing". People say this everywhere on the Net.

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A Bulletin Board

Pillar of Autumn Bulletin Board

There are heaps of easter eggs on this board including a reference to bungies old address, a reference to Alien (Missing: Calico Cat: Answers to Jonesy) and a poster that was used to advertise the game. The same board is found later in the game during the level "The Maw" shattered into pieces.

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Hidden Food Nipple Grunt

On the final level of halo near the end you will come to a passage on the right hand side. If you jump out of your hog and head down there you will find a grunt who has worked up a "big grunty thirst". Nice one Bungie.

Killer Bubbles

When you get dropped off by the Pelican, run to the front of the ship. In front of the ship you well see a rock/boulder type thing. In front of that is two trees. In front of the two trees is another rock/boulder thing. If you go to the left of the rock, and land in the water you can crouch to full submerse yourself. If you shoot upwards at the Lilly pads the bubbles you will start to loose shields and then eventually die.

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Graphical Screw up?

The first time you learn in the game that the ring-world was called "Halo" by the Covenant was after you save Keyes, before that it was just called "Ring-world". This is what I find interesting, one the first level (Pillar of Autumn) the Holo-panal Keyes is observing has the following image desplayed on it (see below). Why would it display this if they didn't know what it was called yet? Sounds strange to me.
So was this a Graphic Designer Error, or laziness, or something more?...

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Weird Assault Rifle

On the level Keyes, when you start, a little forward and to the left there is an assault rifle standing up (side with handle and trigger on the underside). There is no ammo in it and you cant pick it up if you drop your assault rifle and come back to it. you cant move it with a grenade, shotgun, ect.

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Bloody Rex

When your in the Warthog in the final run cortana will tell you tto speed up because there is a gap. Go full speed but do not go strait ,go a little to the left and you will land on a structure. Get off the hog and go down on the little bridge on top of the road where you normally drive by. There should be two doors go on the one on your left and there should be the word rex in bloody letters

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Chief's Boot

A brighter highlight of MC's left boot shows us Marcus R. Lehto, Halo's Art Director's initials. He is the man behind the chiefs armor skin, apparently to show the people that the armor is HIS property. Or just leaving his signature there to show he designed the Armor and leaving that as his credit. Also like said in the comments by "AnEProGamers" His signature is also engraved on Master Chiefs boot even as the Toy Figure.

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Chinese Symbol for "Power" on Magnum

If you look on the bottom of the Magnum you will find a strange Chinese symbol. The symbol means "Power", an obvious reference to the pistols crazy 3-headshot kill.

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Legendary Ending

If you finish "The Maw" on Legendary you will see a bonus cut scene that shows the Pillar of Autumn blowing up with Johnson and an Elite hugging because they both know they will die. The cut scene is interesting in the fact that it's later referenced by "Guns" in Halo 2 when he asks "When are you going to tell me how you got off that ring?" to which Johnson replies, "Sorry Guns, that's classified".

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Hidden Camo

Simply use the pelecan grenade trick to get to the top of the level (to see the marine), but instead of heading towards the marine, head the opposite way, hugging the edge, until you see the strange plant you climb onto to cross over to where the structure is, instead, aline yourself with the tail of the plant, and look down, there will be a pipe, jump down onto it, and walk into the bush, you have just walked into a hidden active camo.

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Lifeboat Seat 2

Message Under Lifepod Seat

This easter egg isn't actually readable without using some mods to detach the camera, however, in the lifepods, if you look under the pilots seat there is a very small message. It reads (from those who have confirmed it by using mods), "put your head between your knees & kiss your ass goodbye". Very clever Bungie.

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The Megg

You need to start the game on legendary. Once in that room where your shields are being tested jump ontop of the cryo-tube, then onto the shield tester and onto the ledge infront of it. Walk down the ledge until you see a yellow barrel. To activate the megg you must stand and jump on this yellow barrel. After that play the level through until you meet captain Keyes. Walk out and get the pistol and then walk right back in again and shoot him in the face (dosent really matter you just need to kill him). A bunch of marines will come to kill you. You need to run into the room that the marines come out of. There are a few techniques for this, one is hiding around the corner then running in quickly. Either way, you will find a bloody M shot into the roof.

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The .fortune Name Egg

When creating a new profile on Halo CE, if you enter ".fortune" in the name field a fortune similar to those found inside fortune cookies is displayed on the screen. My favorite is "I like beans". Some quotes include:

- All your hard work will eventually pay off
- Everything lies in silence
- If anything just cannot go wrong, it will anyway (The first of Murphy's Laws)
- Nature always sides with the hidden flaw. (A subdivision of Murphy's Law)
- Never wear your best pants when fighting for freedom.
- Rest is good, but idleness is its brother.
- Don't wear your best pants in war. (Rare)
- Smile when you're ready.
- You cannot fall off the floor. (Another Murphy's Law)
- Your luck is about to change.
- Sorry, this fortune is temporarily out of order. (Rare)
- I like beans. (Rare)
- SoB dawg! (Extremely Rare)

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Shoot through shield

You know those stationary shield generator thingys? Get something that shoots a lot and has a lot of ammo, i mean the Assault Rifle. then walk into the shield, and keep walking into it. you should see your gun, but your in-game model's gun actually went THROUGH the shield! if people shoot you, the shield will protect you, but you can shoot from behind the shield!

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Scorpion Symbol

Look on the side of the turret of the scorpion tank (not sure which side), there should be a scorpion engraved into the turret.

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Basis Based on Mars

The gas giant Threshold's moon, Basis, is actually the planet Mars, colored in blue. Maybe bungie put this in there too see if we would notice or were too lazy too recreate the textures.

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Hippo on Shotgun Shell

Hippo on Shotgun Shell

After firing a shotgun, if you look carefully enough at the shell that has been ejected from the gun or the shell that is being reloaded, you will see a hippo with the words "8 Gauge" written underneath.

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Flood Buddy

Sometimes you can find these critters armless in the campaign, but if you want to, you can actually shoot off the arms of Elite flood forms and have them follow you around at your own leisure, unable to attack you. Some HEE regulars were able to create 3 or 4 of them at a time and enjoy the company of 4 man/elite/flood escort.

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Captains Pipe

After you find him in the flood blob thing, there is a bunch of tentacles coming from the blob and attached to the ceiling and light panels. A couple (2 or 3) are just laying on the floor, and hang off the edge of the platform. if you look closely u will see his pipe in the very end on one of tentacles that hang off the edge of the platform. It's very small, smaller than the real thing. They probably shrank it to make if harder to find.

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Hidden Mendoza Model

In 343 guilty spark there is a hidden Mendoza Biped. To find him start the level and keep pressing the grenade button until one grenade is thrown, then stop. Now wait until the pelican crashes on the edge of the map the exit the vehicle using the "action" key/button. From there keep walking forward until there is a kind of drop off to your right, go down onto it. Now continue forward until you run into the Hidden Mendoza Biped! The purpose of putting him here is to speed up the loading of the jenkings video. Hiding it here kind of acts as a pre-load for Mendoza.

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Whale Noises Pillar

Whale Noises

Near the end of AoTCR, near the first giant door, stand near one of the pillars, you should hear whale noises. If you don't know what pillar I'm talking about, it's in the pic below.

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Get Out of Map

There are a couple of ways to do this, all where the hunters are. Try each way too see what works for you.
Option 1: Where the hunters are, kill everything and have one player jump on the rock near the hill, Jump on his head and then throw a plasma grenade at aswell, jump up to the cliff and the grenade should help you make it.
Option 2: Drive a warthog to the same place and use its turrent to jump up to the cliff Option 3 Get an overshield and have a hunter whack you up, as you jump where the wall is low.

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Hidden Music Track

On assault on the control room level on the part where you finally see the control room and you are on a natural bridge over the final part of the level. There are some banshees that typically some elites get into quickly. With the right elements of surprise and weapons (rocket launcher) you can get into one of the banshees (this is about equally difficulty in any level but the parts before are a lot easier on easy it doesn't affect the outcome) you can from here go directly to the end which saves you a large part of the level or you could fly up.

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Animal Sounds

Make your way to the 3rd battle area, the one right before the grav lift part, clean up all the enemies and move on just a little bit to the next are to make the music stop, then go back to the empty area. Then stand near any of these spots, and you should hear various sounds of distant animals. (do NOT stand at the area from the shot is taken, stand where the crosshairs are pointing to. Also in the 1st picture, stand below that tree. In the 2nd picture, stand anywhere around that tree).

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