Halo ODST Easter Eggs

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Destiny Awaits

While roaming throughout the Mombasa streets, you'll occasionally run into various wall graffiti. One sign stands out more than all others and it's one with an image of the earth and a white object above it. With Destiny now revealed by Bungie, we know this is a nod towards their game.

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Various Graffiti

In the streets of Mombasa you can find various graffiti messages scattered around the place. Some are harder to find than others and require looking in some of the little back alleys.

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Silly Face on Windward

There is a silly face drawn on a wall on Windward, and NMPD HQ. Go to the side, or part, where an arrow is pointing off of the building. It will be section with landing pad 3. Jump off right where the arrow is on the wall, turn around, and you'll see it as you fall to your death.

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Weapon Cards

There are a couple of these in the game but the easiest of find is on Tayari Plaza. Make your way through the game until you find a flight of stairs where there are some Elite and Brute bodies at the top. If you can hear Buck saying "What happened here?", you are in the right place. The Superintendent should reply with "Final notice, bill passed due". Continue upwards to a balcony with a dead Brute and Elite. To the right of the Elite you will see the card. The cards seem to show a number of never before seen Covie weapons.

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Suicidal Marine

This is a nice little easter egg in the sense that it's somewhat of a tribute to an egg that was in Halo 3. On uplift reserve there are two marines having a conversation, one going crazy and suicidal, ranting about being trapped in a zoo by the covenant. The neat thing about this one is that the marines voice is the same as the marine in Halo 3 who is suicidal over the flood.

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Buck and Monkey Man

While watching the ending credits move the right stick to the left and you will be able to pan over to Buck hanging out with a monkey. We think that this may be a reference to Halo 3's first mission where the Easter Egg of the Monkey Family. You can see in the picture below.

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Dancing Marty

Dancing Marty

At a big open location when you are in a banshee fighting AA-wraiths and blowing up spores, there is a dark section you can travel to off to the side of the map with a ramp to the left that you can climb up. If you go to the top of the ramp and then jump down to the adjacent walk-way a dancing Marty appears. Mary O'Donnell is the man behind the music in Halo and a nice little music track is played too.

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Teddy Bear

Somewhere on the Streets of Mombasa you will find someones lost teddy bear. It can be quite tricky to spot so I will leave the hunting up to you.

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Unlimited rockets

Infinite Ammo Rocket Launcher

If you are playing on Legendary with 4 people there is in one of the highway basement things where 4 rocket launchers reside. They were probably put in the game to make Legendary run through's easier.

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Webmaster Cereal- WEB-O'S

Inside the first building your going into on the begging mission on the campaign, before you exit into the courtyard full of grunts, there should be a couch to your left, around said couch are various breakfast foods, i.e: orange slices, a bowl, a plate and a spoon. Along with these is a box of cereal with the webmaster on it, and of course a bowl of the cereal. The box reads: Web'O's "Your mom loves 'em!" Sorry, but I don't have a picture of it. The easter egg is very easy to find though, good luck!

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