Halo Reach Easter Eggs

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DJ Brute

When it is time to shut off the second jammer (the one that is in the club), fly up to the club. Feel free to clear the outside, but you don't need to go inside. Then go back to the hospital(the location of the first jammer), and fly around the outside until you find a ledge that has two trees on it(it is pretty low on the tower and can be difficult to spot). Land on it and there will be a switch on the wall. When you go up to the switch it will say "hold x to open door", but no door will open. After you hit the switch, go back to the club.

A datapad in Halo: Reach

Data Pads

Datapads are hidden throughout the Reach campaign and add an extra element to the story. Like terminals in Halo 3 and audio logs in Halo ODST, they provide a side story about a mysterious A.I collective called the 'Assembly'. Now finding these can be a challenge but well worth the fun if you are into hunting for information. Sadly there is no reward for finding all of these Data Pads.

For more of an Easter Egg, and more information there is another Easter Egg post about Data Pads you should check out.

To see the location of all 19 Data Pads including the legendary ones, watch the video below.

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Hidden Radio Chatter Dialogue

On Overlook you come across a radio. If you hang around you can hear chatter amongst a UNSC squad and command.

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New Branch Constructions

I found a little easteregg while I was playing around in forge.

I noticed a sign with the text ''NEW BRANCH CONSTRUCTION'':
(Sign located directly under the platform where the Bruteshot used to be.)
Thought that was an odd name for a company, so I went closer up to the sign and I noticed the little text in the lower right corner: ''a division of NYGREN INDUSTRIES''.

Then I knew I had found an easteregg, because I'm swedish.
''Newbranch'' is translated into ''Nygren'' in swedish, which is a common sername in Sweden.
When I looked up the name I found Deanna Nygren who worked as a 3D envirement artist at Certain Affinity.
She had a major role in the recreation of Headlong.

Her family in the past must have been one of the many emigrators who went from Sweden to America during the 19th century, so I guess it were a little easteregg of her origins.

Another funny thing where it says "division of NYGREN INDUSTRIES":
"Division" in english is translated into "branch" in swedish.
Lots of branches in that sign.

Found by: 7

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Club Errera Reference

Club Errera is actually a reference to "Claude Errera", the founder of HBO (halo.bungie.org), one of the biggest Bungie fan sites existing since the early days of Bungie. Bungie is often involved with the HBO community and must have put this in the game as a tribute.

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Buck from ODST

In the mission New Alexandria you will be told to escort a falcon to a tower where a group of ODST's are in a "firefight". A "DEFEND" waypoint will over over the falcon. In the falcon is Gunnery Sergeant Buck from Halo 3 ODST. When you escort the falcon to its destination, Buck will exit the falcon walk into a room say "I owe you one spartan" and vanish.

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Untextured Master Chief Model

Load up a Lone Wolf theater game and go into free fly camera mode. Backtrack until you find the huge structure in the background of the map. Somewhere on top of that structure is an untextured model of Master Chief.

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Secret Marines

Very far back in the map, there are two, maybe only one Marines standing on the platform you passed while in the Falcon killing the Covenant as you passed as well as defending the Marines as you pass. It seems these Marines stuck around and do still talk, and you are able to reach them by following the instructions in the video below.

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B.O.B Elite Easter Egg

The B.O.B easter egg is an unusual one in the sense that you can only find it online at Bungie.net after killing special elites in game. Once you kill one of these special elites, a medal will appear in your profile that is found nowhere else in the game stats. Finding these elites can be tricky, but there are several on each level. The image you can see below is of the medal you receive on Bungie.net

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Master Chief in Cryo Tube

During the cutscene right after you control the giant gun that blasts the dropships and banshees, if you pan with your right thumbstick to the right (hold down your right stick, to the right direction), there is a shot from within a hangar where you can pan and you can spot master chief in a cryo tube.

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Minature Skirmisher

On the level 'Winter Contingency,' whilst Carter is telling you to watch your motion tracker, on the roof above is a minature Skirmisher. This enemy will then grow into it's regular size and run away. The only way to see this is to go into theatre mode.

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Teddy Bear Backpack

At the begining of the level, just before you enter the first building you will see this Teddy Bear Backpack amongs the dead civilians outside. The backpack can't be used, or equipped, but can be moved with grenades and weapon fire. Bungie loved to make easter eggs with teddy bears and there are still more to be found! :)

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Position Indicator Funnies

There are probably hundreds of these scattered around the game, but if you go into certain locations in multiplayer, the little indicator that shows you where you are sometimes displays funny things. The best example is on powerhouse. If you jump off the edge of the cliff, your little position indicator will read "Vaya con Dios!", meaning "Go with god!".

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MOA Flavoured Burgers

In the level Exodus when you first encounter Civillians (The part when the drop ship rises up over the ledge) turn left and you will see some stairs, go up them and then look to your right and you will see a sign with 3 MOA's on it and the words "New Flavour". I wonder what MOA tastes like.

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Suicidal Marine

Similar to the easter egg in Halo 3 and Halo ODST, the voice of this suicidal marine is very similar or the one in the other games. You encounter this easter egg pretty naturally if you are just running through the level. If you go to the area where the sniper is on the mulitplayer map Reflection and then down the corridor to the right, you will find him.

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Mining Company called "BXR"

In Halo 2 there were many different button glitches that could be used to exploit bugs in the game gain an advantage. The "BXR" (pushing the B button, the X button and the right trigger) in quick succession allowed you melee while shooting. It was a notorious glitch Bungie has included it in reach in the form of a logo of a mining company in the fiction of the game. On the two variants of the logo, the first one shows colors from the Xbox 360 controller "X", "Y" and "B".

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Radio Logs

On Anchor 9, Boardwalk, Boneyard, Countdown, Powerhouse, Reflection, and Spire, there are radios that play looping conversations between various NPCs. The dialogue revolves around a few units and a spartan codenamed Beta Red.

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Ammo Popping out of Wall

On the Pillar of Autumn, when you go out in the open to fight all the brutes in the drop ships there is a little structure (the one with the stairs leading up to the roof and the room with the ammo in it) in the middle of the playing field. If you go to the left side of that structure and melee the wall, a crate of ammo pops out, full of DMR and Shotty ammo.

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Make Out Point

If you go to the correct place, up against a rail facing out towards the canyon your position indicator will come up with "Make out point". I must admit, the view is pretty good.

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Invisible Elite with Data Pad

At the very start of the level when you hop out of the falcon, if you sprint down the hill you will spot an invisible elite carrying a data pad. If you kill him you can pick up the data pad. He runs down the hill and once he reaches a certain point he just disappears. He is carrying one of 19 Data Pads scattered around the campaign. Now even though these are more of a Terminal or Audio Log than an Easter Egg. You should go and check these out. There are more Easter Eggs about the Data Pads further down the list.
Good Hunting! ;)

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Hidden Room

On the multiplayer level "Spire" you can use the various tricks to get out of the map in theater mode to view this easter egg. Once out of the map you can go to the bottom of the level and you will find a strange green shield with the reach emblem on it. The shield is inside a solid cube, but once you are in theater mode, you can still see it clearly.

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Four Hidden Banshees

During this level when you reach the wooden shack type structure, clear out all the enemies. Have one player stay behind and one player go ahead. Behind a box at the back of the wooden shack (you will need to move it) a switch will appear for a few seconds right after player two activates a hidden switch that is a little further in the level. The hidden switch that player two needs to activate for the first switch to appear is off a small cliff to the left, right before you blow up the covie sniper tower. Once both players activate the switches 4 shiny new Banshees appear near the wooden shack.

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Dave Binary String

When you go into binoculars mode (zooming with a non scoped weapon) you can see a binary string "01000100011000010111011001100101", this translates to "Dave". This is the name of a UI designer, Dave Candland. The same easter egg can be found in Halo 3.

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Data Pads (Backwards Audio)

Well another user posted an Easter Egg about "Data Pads". But FIRST I am here to state first is that those are NOT Easter Eggs, it is like hunting down a Skull in Halo 2 and Halo 3 or Terminal.
Here is a real Easter Egg about the Data Pads. Now after you kill the invisible Elite running with the Data Pad. You open it up, and all the data pads actually do this, but after reading for a little while, you will hear a voice or audio. You wont be able to understand it. But, if you record it and play it backwards, you can understand it. But one of the interesting Lines that say "Welcome Chiron", sound like this "Ch - eye - ron". We posted a video on this but we want you to hear what it says. And Basically Chiron was a Test station on Mars for Special Elite Spartans. And there is a bit more information at the Halo wikia. Here is the link for more information, http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Chiron_Test_Station
Go on your hunt for these Data Pads! Sadly there is no reward for finding all of these Data Pads, but it has good information, and a good challenge! Good Hunting! ;)
- AnEProGamers

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Fly a Pelican and a Phantom

If you do this correctly you are able to pilot a pelican and a phantom. Play through the level with a buddy. When you get to the hospital make sure one of you picks up a jet pack, it's used later on. Near the end where Kat asks you to come to the Oni base to help her out, fly to Club Errera (the building with the red strip around it, refer to the images below). Circle the building until you find a small alcove. You will see a glowing switch on the roof of the alcove. You need to have the person with the jet pack, reach that switch and flip it. Now all you need to do is fly through the ring shaped building (see the last image), and you are transformed into a pelican. If you want to fly the covie drop ship, just fly through the ring with a banshee.

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Use a Pelicans Turret

To do this you have to crouch down next to the pelican that's carrying the Slip Space bomb and keep pressing "X" next to the turret. Slowly move up while pressing "X" or holding/tapping "X". You will be able to enter the use the turret.

Spartan Death Coincidences

Don't you guys find it ironic that all of Noble Team (except Jun) died in a certain way similar to their own attributes? Jorge, he was the big guy and he died in something bigger than himself; Kat was the brains of Noble and she´╗┐ died of a headshot; Carter was the Captain of Noble and he went down with the ship; Emile is the close quarters fighter and he died in (you guessed it!) close quarters; and Noble 6 was used to being the Lone Wolf and he died alone.

Can anyone think of one for Jun?

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Grunt Face

Just like in Halo 3's Forge mode there is a Grunt Face printed upon the Golf Club and Golf Flag. This is a common Easter Egg face for games in forge mode We couldn't find the actual picture from the game but this is the face below..

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Reach Racer

On Mission 03, Oni: Sword Base, there are two hidden switches, marked as "doors" that you can open only with two players in a co-op match. Both switches can be found after Rally Point Alpha, where you must destroy the Wraiths. Switch A is found on the coast of the water just southeast of the buildings with a pair switches you must activate. It's on a pile of rocks near the frozen waterfall. You'll know you are standing in the right place when you get a message saying "Hold X to Open Door." Note: You must reload your weapon before getting this. Switch B is just past the AA cannon in the next area. A pile of rocks with some trees on it overlooks the vast, walled complex on the ice below the area. With both people standing in these places, press X simultaneously and a message will appear on screen saying "REACH RACER." You will then be warped to the Oni: Sword Base with two Gauss Cannon Wart Hogs ready for racing. You can race your friend through a course marked by red waypoints (you don't need to touch the waypoints, you just need to cruise past them). At the end of the race, the loser's Wart Hog explodes and you'll both be warped back to race again.

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Siege of Madrigal

Follow the instructions to complete the DJ brute easter egg. Once you have seen the DJ Brute, fly to the roof of the Club Errera building and under an air conditioning duct, you will find another switch. This switch will change the song inside of the club to the Siege of Madrigal, a song that has found it's way into Halo CE, Halo 3 and now Halo Reach.

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Tribute Room

The video honestly explains this much better than words can. You basically have to flip a switch and fight a bunch of Elite generals. Once you have done that, you unlock a door that upon entering will transport you into a corridor. Go down there and you will find a room basically full of easter eggs, a tribute to everything Bungie thinks is cool. HEE did not make it into the room unfortunately, maybe next time.