343 Guilty Spark Visits

Level: Installation 04 (Fire Fight)

On the new fire fight level Installation 04 if you go into one of the small building structures with the Ammo and Health Pack there's a window were the 343 Guilty Spark will occastionaly fly by. We kept getting requests for this but no video evidence, but at last here is the only video of this Easter Egg on You Tube so far so please mind the quality but enjoy! :)

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if u play as spartan when he is there it says take ally's focus rifle it might be a sentinal beam from halo 3 though. i didn't try.

It says press X to take ally's, but when you press the button nothing happens, you cannot take it.

Your aitrcle perfectly shows what I needed to know, thanks!

i had recuested it but it diidnt let me also if try to take aly gun it wont work

its freeky when he looks at you

it is freeked me out!!!!!

if u listen u can hear it talking

Omg the monitor is alive impossible!

Grettings, I Am 343 Guilty Spark, Monitor Of Instalation 04. I Was Trying To Have Contact With The Halo Array, But I Ended Up Having Contact With The Planet "Earth", I Have A Warning For Earth. A Alien Race Called The Covenant. And So As The Flood. Everything Will Be Coming To You In 2552. This Is Your One And Final Warning.


Yes Guilty Spark is alive(hence the grasslands and primouridoum[yes I spelled that wrong] I believe) and If I remember correctly guilty spark controls all the sentinals on the ring so when you shoot him down the sentinals are still active possibly meaning he was still alive and another theory is that he is a copy. Also the flood may not be in halo 4 but do expect them in halo 5 or 6.

Thats gay you can't take his weapon :(

I NEED HIS WEAPON! (but sadly you can't take it) :(

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