343 Guilty Spark's Comments

Level: The Library

Get to a point where 343 Guilty Spark stops and hovers, waiting for you. Make sure you have a pistol, and make sure there are no Flood around. Start shooting him with your pistol while he is floating. He should turn towards you. Keep shooting and he will say stuff like the following. "Please control your temper." "Please stop firing your weapon." "Are you finished yet?" "We have more important business here." "That is completely unnecessary!" and my own personal favorite, "Please stop being human!"


XD Oh How I remember theses day! Oh XD my brother and father always shot at Guilty Spark! I remember these comments! XD

please stop being human. also at the end of the level he sat on the floor i guess and me and my bro got enery wep we could and rained death on him rocket launchers pistols asssult rifles plasma if there were snipers we would and grenades alot

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