Blue Screen of Death

Level: Zanzibar

On Zanzibar, if you go into the room with the huge generator and flip the switch of the gate left of the generator a blue message will appear on the console. This is a gag pertaining to the blue screen of death in Microsoft operating systems. It reads:

A total FU exception has occurred at your location. All system functionality will be terminated.
*Press any key to power cycle the system. If system does not restart, scream at top of lungs and pound on keypad.
*If you need to talk to a programmer, press any other key.
Press any key to continue


LOL Bungei you did good making fun of a sad situation.

Yeah, we ALL remember this, who couldn't resist pushing that button! XD

I told my grandmother how you heelpd. She said, "bake them a cake!"

I loved this easter egg and ironically after I read it my sister killed me! XD

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