B.O.B Elite Easter Egg

Level: Various

The B.O.B easter egg is an unusual one in the sense that you can only find it online at Bungie.net after killing special elites in game. Once you kill one of these special elites, a medal will appear in your profile that is found nowhere else in the game stats. Finding these elites can be tricky, but there are several on each level. The image you can see below is of the medal you receive on Bungie.net


the one i always get is from winter contingency. after you get to the buggy thingy start driving, go across the bridge and go straight up to the house and go right through don't stopjust keep going along the road, then you will pass some grunts and another house across the river on the left. continue going along the road up the hill and pass 2 skirnishers and you should run into the ranger class elite....but becareful he disapeers after about 30 seconds so hurry up and get over there.

Yes I've found that one as well and also I found 2 of them on The Tip of the Spear. The first one is right after you get in the Rocket Hog and come across the first AA-Gun, in front of you there should be an enemy Ghost and a Revenant as well as several Covie troops, to your left there is a steep hill in the cliff face, he should be standing there on the cliff face with a Concussion Rifle. The second one in this mission is right after Rally Point Bravo. I found him by taking sprint not jetpack and running up the left side of the battlefield. He is hiding about where the first left territory in invasion is. Those of you who pay invasion should know where this. He runs away very fast and wields a Fuel Rod Gun. Additionally I have found one on Long Night of Solace it is simply hiding in the control room of the corvette. I don quite remember what it wields. For this one you have to move fast and sneak in the control room without being seen and attack him FIRST when you see him before you attack any other Covie troops or you will simply not have enough time to kill him. I am currently searching for more I'll update you asap about any more golden rangers. My gamertag for Xbl is Mattyovers001 if anyone wants to know.

Yeah, these strong elites, man they go fast and once they turn invisible YOU ARE SCREWED!

The field marshal elite is practicly impossible to kill. You have to use 2 rounds of the DMR and hit them about 11 times.shese.

you kill all you is cool

One or two to rmemeebr, that is.

on the corvette bridge run to the over side without being seen then you will see one

on tip of spear there were are the hunters look left when you see the blue elite i killed him 10 times

i have seen them on winter contingency, nightfall and sword base

sword bace has the white feild marshal on the 3rd floor (i think) i only sen him recently, he was tough and looked pritty awesome

if anyone knows what cuolor are the normal feild mershalls coz i never see any feild marshals on the game (not includeing the b.o.b elite on sword base)?

unless there white anyway...

On tip of the spear when you crash in your falcon get ajet pack fly in the air without flying over the falcon and you will see a golden ranger somewhere but if you go past the falcon he will leave

There is a bob on lonewolf i dont now how i got him to apear but he has an energy sword my xbox live gamer tag is BlondishAsp69 i usually play co-op campain and team snipers

The BOB is on every level with multiple 'spawn' points, even on lone wolf. He is spawned to kill players after about 15 minutes of combat, he wields an energy sword.

The one on lonewolf has an energy sword but dont now how to get him to spawn

Could some body help me! I can't find them anywhere my gamer name is king ciaran17 NO CAPITALS

off the hook

I have found at least 1 or 2 of them in each mission

you guys are pussys

i tried but he moves so fast i never killed him by the way i found him on nightfall

i found all of them but did not kill any of them because thet are snekey little buggers

I always find one in the first mission! When I get to this part in this truck, under this bridge thing I just see a random golden ranger elite pop out of nowhere! So I just killed it...

In the mission Pillar of Autumn, there is a B.O.B. in the Scorpion spawn from Invasion: Boneyard. You can only get him from range, and he will disappear if you are not fast enough.

I've killed a few of these in my campaign escapades. They are hard to kill.

I killed all the B.O.Bs but I can't kill bill

I killed 4 so far, 2 in winter contingency, one in pillar of autumn and cant remember the other, i heard there is sapposed to be 2 in each level though

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