Buck and Monkey Man

Level: Epilogue

While watching the ending credits move the right stick to the left and you will be able to pan over to Buck hanging out with a monkey. We think that this may be a reference to Halo 3's first mission where the Easter Egg of the Monkey Family. You can see in the picture below.


where is it?

Hmm, a Halo 3 Monkey reference.


uh...stalker-ish maybe?

All of my questions stetled-thanks!

maxxy look left at the brown thing

eu sou brasileiro. otarios!!!

it wont let me watch the video!

the picture to the right looks creeeeeeeeeeeeepy

Cant figure this one out. Needs more detale

Wait I got it... AFTER the credits

For anybody who is confused, this easter egg is in the Epilogue.

I was so close to doing It but I wanted to see the ending. I did though......creepy

I wanted to do this egg but the halo 3 monkeys freaked me out! So....yeah

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