Buck from ODST

Level: New Alexandreia

In the mission New Alexandria you will be told to escort a falcon to a tower where a group of ODST's are in a "firefight". A "DEFEND" waypoint will over over the falcon. In the falcon is Gunnery Sergeant Buck from Halo 3 ODST. When you escort the falcon to its destination, Buck will exit the falcon walk into a room say "I owe you one spartan" and vanish.

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Yea, i remember that part. I thought it was just a coincedence, but then i remember Buck in ODST saying something about him escaping Reach. I guess it does make sense after a while, but thanks for putting the doubts i had to rest!

buck...buck? buck!!! i new i saw that armor before that voice was sounding familyar i wondered why he had different armor than the rest he did say something obout reach but when i saw him i couldent belive my eyes thanks for putting me strait thanks or should i say "i ow you one spartan. sdj out

ha ha!!!! your right it is buck, thats cool thanks!!!

i heard someone killed buck by pushing him off a platform

I'm so glad that the itnrenet allows free info like this!

thought no one but me found this....

I played this millions of times and Kat never told me to defend Buck!
Oh and in ODST Buck says that he and veronica(Dare) escaped reach and that earth ends like reach New mombassa and alexandria get glassed Then Reach and Earth

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