Caboose is on Fire

Level: Spartan Ops - Episode Two

Sprint forward until you meet the optional paths, take a left heading up the mossy stone ramp way up, continue to go left until yo start to see glowing Yellow like sacks on the left side wall. Through the plants there should be a box like in "CORE". Shoot the box, once triggering the Red vs Blue sound, continue to play the episode as you would, and once it's tike to activate the terminal you will notice that the dialog on your radiocom has been replaced with Red v.s Blue characters talking to one another if you have played this episode before. Enjoy the egg and the funny moments. Be on the lookout for more boxes, or just come back here to do it the easy way.

If you have any trouble activating this Easter Egg, then please watch the step by step tutorial video provided below. Good Hunting!

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