Cavemen like Money Family with Doll

Level: Sierra 117

After you encounter the Jackal Snipers in that valley way, after the Pelican gets shot down, walk on the left side of the wall where the rocks are jutting out. Make it onto the last rock ledge on the wall and turn to your left. In a small gap you can find some strange monkey people. Watch the video below for a demonstration.

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Ah, these things! I laughed so hard when i found them! XD

It looks like the little one is as small as a smurf

I'll try to put this to good use immetdiaely.

Haha! My brother, Repsin Fleir, found these and took a picture. It was hilarious looking at it for the first time with my cousins!

i already found that

i already found that

i already found that

i already found that

i already found that

ive got to find these

im having a bit of trouble finding this glich but im still finding it

there is also another monkey at the part where the grav hammer guy is on the big bridge. Just look at the start of the path to the skull is and keep going right until you see the building end and he's there.
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they are so wierd

I think they are Cavemen.

Um... i wonder what happens if you shoot them, or throw a grenade at them?

Nothing happens. It's an image.
- Ay Star

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