Creepy Cortana

Level: High Ground

In the High Ground base, behind the flag, there's a desk with a computer type thing, with many screens. Watch the small screen left of the keyboard, and from time to time a picture of Cortana, looking a bit creepy will appear.


Y are u there you are supose to be in master chief helment

where can you find this?

@ A donkey
Its at the beginning of "The crows nest" just keep watching the monitors around where you start the mission

I gotta try this.

I tryed it with my baby brother and he got really scared it was super funny.

This artcile went ahead and made my day.

i think this relates to how cortana is going insane from the flood, and cuts the portal in half and then it drifts them and the back half of the ship off to that strange planet called onix. i think it hints that cortana is insane in those visions throughout the campaign in halo 3. the flood must have a small part of her AI mind controlled. i think cortana has become evil. i think thats what this egg relates to.

one time i tryed to show this to a little kid and when i turned back to the game it was already staring at me, so I jumped, it must have scared him 2 because after i jumped he shot the computer and it dissapered because the computer it was on broke (also on crows nest you can look on any of the computers and youll see it. this can also be found on high ground just go to the room with the 2 computers one does moarse and the other one shows the creepy cortana. man i just typed alot.)

it looks disturbing

takes forever tho

i was playing on forge and i was super consontrated and it popped out at me. i almosed peed my self. nice one bungie.

I thought that the "cortana moments" was the egg until I saw it on crows nest!

O God that's creepy

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