Da Vinci Code Egg

Level: Sandtrap

Spawn in sandtrap with an invulnerable shield. Be in forge to if you want to. But go to the invisable barrier and walk back and forth into it then end the game ok. Then go to theater mode put the camera at the barrier were you walked into it. Walk into camera until your body pushs the camera thru the barrier. Try a couple times until the camera goes thru the barrier. Then fly to one of the towers lining up around the level that have lights on it. at the top of each tower there will be an easter egg with letters and will be blue. But be carefull they're very small. Good Luck with it.

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iv tryd this hundreds of times howd U do it so easly

@marcus canter
I personally have not done this egg yet...but when i do ill post a vid of how to do it:)...check back later this week

@marcus canter
You can also try the various other methods of getting the camera outside the games barriers to see this egg.

you can see this egg during the campagin. kill guilty spark and watch the replay. pause the game right in the moment where 343 explodes. the core of 343s parts will be this egg ;)

how do u do it i do not get it.......................well i am 11 years old lol

I remember trying to do this, Now I know. :P I never knew but yeah, these eggs were weird.

A few years ago I'd have to pay someone for this ifnomration.

ok yeah could someone explain why i get the receiver outside the barrier but when i step thru it and take roughly 5 steps i just die...... so i cant go any farther out the map ¬¬

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