Data Pads

Level: Various

Datapads are hidden throughout the Reach campaign and add an extra element to the story. Like terminals in Halo 3 and audio logs in Halo ODST, they provide a side story about a mysterious A.I collective called the 'Assembly'. Now finding these can be a challenge but well worth the fun if you are into hunting for information. Sadly there is no reward for finding all of these Data Pads.

For more of an Easter Egg, and more information there is another Easter Egg post about Data Pads you should check out.

To see the location of all 19 Data Pads including the legendary ones, watch the video below.

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this is awesome

Interesting... :)

Sooo, it seems Bungie replaced finding the Skulls with Data Pads. Well, I know what I'm to this Veteran's Day! :)

Ha! Okay, I found A REAL Easter Egg in my Data Pad hunt! I only got one and I already see one! :D

You can't read any of these.

Actually you can, not what is says on the picture but what It says when you use them.
The Halo Easter Eggs Team

You saved me a lot of haslse just now.

Wack!!! Found every single 1. Of them n 1 day

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