Data Pads (Backwards Audio)

Level: Winter Contingenency (MISSION START)

Well another user posted an Easter Egg about "Data Pads". But FIRST I am here to state first is that those are NOT Easter Eggs, it is like hunting down a Skull in Halo 2 and Halo 3 or Terminal.
Here is a real Easter Egg about the Data Pads. Now after you kill the invisible Elite running with the Data Pad. You open it up, and all the data pads actually do this, but after reading for a little while, you will hear a voice or audio. You wont be able to understand it. But, if you record it and play it backwards, you can understand it. But one of the interesting Lines that say "Welcome Chiron", sound like this "Ch - eye - ron". We posted a video on this but we want you to hear what it says. And Basically Chiron was a Test station on Mars for Special Elite Spartans. And there is a bit more information at the Halo wikia. Here is the link for more information,
Go on your hunt for these Data Pads! Sadly there is no reward for finding all of these Data Pads, but it has good information, and a good challenge! Good Hunting! ;)
- AnEProGamers

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It sounds like someone or something was trying to purge a system of something. Like they were trying to find out what it was and going about it step by step. very strange... mabey the strange word is a name. possibly the name of a program or AI. I'v read up on some sites and have found that the data pads are about smart AI meeting to make decisions about humanity's next move. somehow they influenced the spartan II and III program without anyone knowing about it. research also points that the AI accidentally caused the war by sending out a signal to some unknown signature, AKA the covenant. these recordings may be of a breach in some sort of system. I think it may have been a covy AI

The second word sounds like "Sheelah"

Can anyone tell me how to record the audio from data pads on my xbox? I've tried a "thousand" different ways and can not for the life of me figure out how to do it?

@Joker Fun 86 : You can't record stuff on your XBox but if you mean record stuff off of your XBox you jut need a capture Card. If you do some research on Google and You Tube you can get some of your answers. I recommend Digital Ph33r's guide on Machinima 3 part video series.

No complaints on this end, smpily a good piece.

welcome sire

THANK YOU! i knew that they were backwards but i cant record them. im glad someone finally did

THANK YOU! i knew that they were backwards but i cant record them. im glad someone finally did

after hearing gravemind on windward, no hidden message is safe for me

I heard the ODST windward backward message and it freaked me out so can someone tell me if this is scary.

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