DJ Brute

Level: New Alexandria

When it is time to shut off the second jammer (the one that is in the club), fly up to the club. Feel free to clear the outside, but you don't need to go inside. Then go back to the hospital(the location of the first jammer), and fly around the outside until you find a ledge that has two trees on it(it is pretty low on the tower and can be difficult to spot). Land on it and there will be a switch on the wall. When you go up to the switch it will say "hold x to open door", but no door will open. After you hit the switch, go back to the club.

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There is a giant explosions everywhere after he crashed the covy party. YAY!!!!

soooooooooo cool!

New Alexandria is being glassed outside and their partying?

no u do not crash our party and get the F**k away wid it

God help me, I put aside a whole afternoon to fgiure this out.

how do u go out of the sceam on halo reach

When i saw this as soon as i started playing it i was like what the hell? DJ brutes,dancing grunts,bartender elites, and bouncer jackles what is next?

I think there is a second switch too. One plays "Siege of Madrigal" and the other plays another song I can't remember at this moment.

how do find it i was up all night trying to find it

were the F*** is it!!!!

Where is it? Me and my friend have been up all night trying to find it. We circled the hospital like a million times. If someone could provide a better description, I would very much appreciate it.

brute is mixing XD

there is also a bartender brute.

So does this have to be done on legendary? or can it be done on any


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