Easter Egg buttons on keyboard

Level: Pillar of Autumn

On the keyboard in the opening cutscene of pillar of Autumn, there are a few little common Emotion Faces printed on the Keys in the Red circles. A little bit of a joke from the new Halo Games developers. :)
The faces tat can be scene are ">_<", "o_O", "*_*", and what appears to be "(~)" symbol or something, and the other one that is actually hard to see IS and "esc" button. If you look very closely you can see it, not only that but just about every keyboard has the Escape button located there. But the bottom left Blank triangle key is strange the other has a little marking. If you look closely I think you can see the operating system button, it looks like a windows icon printed on the key. There are also strange buttons next to the volume button on the top right.
We may know more after the game is released. But at this time, this is all we can see.


Wait, I thought Halo Anniversary comes out in 2 weeks from yesterday. Also, ha ha ha!

it comes out on the 15th

Oh my gosh!

Do you see the BOB key in the top right of the keyboard? Because I Do....

Hint its next to the F12

Nice! XD

the [?] key is the old fashion macintosh apple computers version of the return key. XuX lol lol lol |m|

A ;.; key can be seen right next to L.

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