Elephant Flip

Level: Sandtrap

Go into Sandtrap in forge and track lots of energy coils underneath the elephant. Then set their respawn time to instant. Blow them up and the elephant will flip over. Once it's flipped on the screen it will say "Hold RB to flip... wait, what? How did you do that?" because normally it would be impossible to flip the elephant.


its not impossible to flip it jut run it into the other elephant head on get on the other one then drive forward

Well, me and a friend did it and i found a mod with litterally 12 elephants.

this is a reference to RvB when Tex flips a scorpion tank

Sergeant Flappy.. xD

makes me want to buy halo 3 again :)

I loved that joke, and it was fun, you guys ever make it fly? We also Flew it WITH OUT explosives. FUN!

That's really thniking out of the box. Thanks!

how do you do that

i made it do that and i never got to fully flip it it went on its side and it said "hold RB to... WAIT WHAT! how did you do that

Or put a scorpion in it and flip it

My friends and I were just ramming into each other with elephants to do this one.

@AI - Kudos for spotting the reference.

Also, has anyone flipped it ontop of the big Spire on that map? That would be awesome!


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