Fall Through Elevator

Level: Assault on the Control Room

On AotCR After you go through the outside area with the banshee, two ghosts, a few turrets, and lowered path with two doors at the bottem and an elite in each, grab a ghost by taking out one of the drivers and take it through the level untill you reach an elevator that goes up (should be the first you come to) and put the ghost on it. Get out and activate the elevator. Get back in the ghost and when the elevator moves up, you should go through the floor. If you land correctly and dont flip, you will be at the bottem of the shaft.


Seems like a glitch, not an easter egg.

probably accidental glitch, but maybe they did it on purpose to keep u from runnin through the next part with the a zealot class elite, jackals, grunts, and elites.

Nice glitch, but how do you get back up without dying?

I don't think you can. That's what makes this such a pain in the ass glitch.

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