Fly a Pelican and a Phantom

Level: New Alexandria

If you do this correctly you are able to pilot a pelican and a phantom. Play through the level with a buddy. When you get to the hospital make sure one of you picks up a jet pack, it's used later on. Near the end where Kat asks you to come to the Oni base to help her out, fly to Club Errera (the building with the red strip around it, refer to the images below). Circle the building until you find a small alcove. You will see a glowing switch on the roof of the alcove. You need to have the person with the jet pack, reach that switch and flip it. Now all you need to do is fly through the ring shaped building (see the last image), and you are transformed into a pelican. If you want to fly the covie drop ship, just fly through the ring with a banshee.

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Thx! I have done it with my brother and alone. On two player we did the pelican and one player could drive and the other could go inside and just sit. ( Yet the back is closed so you cant shoot out of it on a turret)

thear is a glich on the same level! as a falcon u lock air (or w/e) and u fly through a giant circle wright next 2 the midle line (a.k.a. the litle line that shows the top of the circle is conected with the botom) when u go though it u become a pelican!(same with da banshi!) I done it befor.(sorry for my spelling fails. I just never learn! LOL.)

I tried this, and it is awesome. But I can't figure out how to get a banshee to transform into a phantom? Where do you get the Banshee? So I went to flick the switch and I couldn't figure out how to balance my falcon under the switch. But I figured out I just balanced it on the edge of the ledge. It would be good if the Pelican's guns shot... :D

I think you have to jack one of the banshees that is flying around.

Oh ok then, well i'll try that when I can. :D

when I tried it there was no swicht

Did you find the right building? Circle the one with the red stripe around it until you find the switch.

You have to finish the first 3 objectives(the 3 main jammers) before it works.

If you want to do it finish first three objectives then go to the back side of the building that is to the left of the club building and there in the back go down with a falcon and there will be a part where you can go under and when your there look up and there on the top will be a switch. Once you find it fly up to it and jump out of the falcon and use your jet pack to fly up to it to switch it on. After that your done.

to get the phantom you got to steal a banshee and use that

I tried it no switch does it have to b on legendary heroic normal easy and no jet pack needed now 1 guy flys the falcon the other guy hopson top while the falcon is parked now fly with the other.guy on top but I couldn't see the switch :(

@ Noah u gotta hijack the banshee it's hard though Srry for any spell errors LOL123

i know how to get in to cats deafh room get a bange then fly through the ring to get a fantam go to the place were you destroy the turents oh by the way you need two players one on the gun slowly fly not in to the platform where you should land but on the aver side of the building a bit bolow were the plateform is gunner has to get out straight away and apears in the cat deafh room fantem flyer kills himself crash in to a anaver building then p1 spawns next to p2 but make sure p2 dosent die wallla your in cats deafh room


Do you have to do it on legendary?

@Lachie : Yes.

I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it unedrstanadble.

Well put, sir, well put. I'll certilnay make note of that.

if you have a friend he can ride in the pelican and shoot on the turret.
go to the turret and hold x but you cant see for some reason

Thanx but I think its been patched cuz Itried with my friend there was no switch

how does Bungie do it ( :

i already knew this glitch in 2004 XD its cool

i have done this on single player (took me a wile to figure out how to land the falcon without it droping to oblivion) and i was dissapointed by the lack of weapons and features on the pelican

its is a cool easter egg and 343 industrys shood make forge maps where you can place and fly pelicans, phantoms and sprits

Ya dont need a jet pack your buddy can get on top of your falcon

It can be done on any difficult

Dear santa..... thank you for the eggs.

U can do this on normal :P

Ya i already new this glitch

awsome but i want it in forge tht would be better

i didnt know about it at first but it is so awesome

Are you absolutly sure you have to do it on legendary?

guess what its not a glitch its an easter egg and bungie wont patch that you dont have to do it on legendary because me and my freind did it on normal and tip for jacking a banshee get on top of your freinds falcon or pelican then ask him to ride up close to a bannshee then all you have to do is jack it
by the way i somehow got stuck in the back of the pelican while i was getting out my friend isnt a good pilot so it didnt work out so good:<

sweet you can gun both front turrents on both

to hijack the banshee you have to follow the falcon you are escorting and when it lands you land. a banshee will crash into the platform. it should be easy to hijack.

I got to the bottom of the map with a pelican and I didnt die :)

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