The .fortune Name Egg

Level: UI

When creating a new profile on Halo CE, if you enter ".fortune" in the name field a fortune similar to those found inside fortune cookies is displayed on the screen. My favorite is "I like beans". Some quotes include:

- All your hard work will eventually pay off
- Everything lies in silence
- If anything just cannot go wrong, it will anyway (The first of Murphy's Laws)
- Nature always sides with the hidden flaw. (A subdivision of Murphy's Law)
- Never wear your best pants when fighting for freedom.
- Rest is good, but idleness is its brother.
- Don't wear your best pants in war. (Rare)
- Smile when you're ready.
- You cannot fall off the floor. (Another Murphy's Law)
- Your luck is about to change.
- Sorry, this fortune is temporarily out of order. (Rare)
- I like beans. (Rare)
- SoB dawg! (Extremely Rare)

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Oh I got to try this! :D

Theres no way that "i like beans" is rare. I seem to get that one all the time

I became a fortune teller with this easter egg....except for "I like beans". It was an awkward moment.

Can you do this and other CE eggs on Anniversary?

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