Four Hidden Banshees

Level: The Package

During this level when you reach the wooden shack type structure, clear out all the enemies. Have one player stay behind and one player go ahead. Behind a box at the back of the wooden shack (you will need to move it) a switch will appear for a few seconds right after player two activates a hidden switch that is a little further in the level. The hidden switch that player two needs to activate for the first switch to appear is off a small cliff to the left, right before you blow up the covie sniper tower. Once both players activate the switches 4 shiny new Banshees appear near the wooden shack.

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I like that easter egg it's amassing

I've had a lot of fun with the Easter egg!!!!

some one jumped of a really high building

EPIC!!!!!! I FOUND IT AGES AGO, BUT STILL LEARNING!!!! U should c the secret race on ONI...


Your awnser shows real intelligence.

When I did it it wouldn't let me kill the AA guns for some reason

Hah that's funny Zaiyah coming from someone who can't even spell answer.

the level is the package

I can't find the button player two has to press and I'm on a device that can't view videos:(

it was so cool!

ever hear of typos?

same switch as reach race

It did not let me kill aa guns

Joe shua, the 2nd person has to move a box first, before they can see the actual button.

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