Get Out of Map

Level: Silent Cartographer

There are a couple of ways to do this, all where the hunters are. Try each way too see what works for you.
Option 1: Where the hunters are, kill everything and have one player jump on the rock near the hill, Jump on his head and then throw a plasma grenade at aswell, jump up to the cliff and the grenade should help you make it.
Option 2: Drive a warthog to the same place and use its turrent to jump up to the cliff Option 3 Get an overshield and have a hunter whack you up, as you jump where the wall is low.


Ohhhh! Are you ready Marines! HELL YEAH Sgt. Johnson! I Can't Hear you! HELL YEAH Stg. Johnson! Ohhhh! Who lives in a Suit of Armor under the Sea, MASTER CHIEF, Who has a strong pistol and strong armor shields, MASTER CHIEF. If killing and winning is just what you wish. MASTER CHIEF! Then come on over and be a crappy A.I.! MASTER CHIEF!, MASTER CHIEF, MASTER CHIEF, MASTER CHIEF, Maaassstter Chieefff! Master CHIEF! Har har Har har. *Smokes Cigar* Cough LOAD UP!
XD I enjoyed doing that! :D
- A Star

u allllllll suck because u cant get up here stupid ai

I found myself noddnig my noggin all the way through.

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