Grunt in Barrel, GRD Doll switch, and Hidden picture of Damnation

Level: Penance

This is a special Egg post because we have three eggs all in one! We thank the same poster who posted the last Egg on the "GRD Doll Switch" which you can see in the list for Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary. But here we have how to get the"Grunt in a Barrel", "GRD Doll" without glitching the map in Forge mode, and where the other hidden map picture is of "Damnation" from halo Combat Evolved. There is a very helpful tutorial below so you can follow how to preform these Easter Eggs and find them. We once again thank you guys for theses Eggs, without all of you this wouldn't be the Halo Easter Eggs Community we are today! :) So this is a special post, we have never had 3 Eggs in one.

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how come i cant view videos on this site?

Can anybody watch them

The barrel grunt is my favorite egg so far, sense the game came out.

You guys may need to update your Browser, Computer, or Flash Player. Sorry if it won't play for you guys. It works for us.

Isn't this Nowise10?

@KraziSkiwirrel : No, but his name was mentioned in the Egg when sent but we put what actually was needed. We aren't stealing credit the Information was not clear.

Thanks for writing such an easy-to-undesrtnad article on this topic.

dis was my fav map and still is + theres a tone of easter eggs in Halo CEA

I think its the site because I wached a halo reach easter egg video on a different site that didn't work on this site

reach is better

I can see the videos just fine. great site btw

i built a platform and nothing fell from the waterfall like the vid said so idk wat to do i stood there for ten mins and nothing

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