Halo Anniversary Terminals

Level: Various

Not much information has come out for this game yet regarding easter eggs, accept that it has been confirmed that all new easter eggs will feature in the game. The one new piece of interesting information that has been released is the addition of terminals, which will behave similar to the way they did in Halo 3.

Frankie has said in an interview that they will add new depth to the Halo story. Click "Read More" to see a sneak peek video of the terminals.

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wow halo is awsome add me

Add you to what?

If you need help finding a skull or termanl tell me

What I think is worth investigating is the numbers at the beginning of each terminal. They appear in all terminals, even the 11th (threshold) also they appear on human, covenant and forerunner terminal. At first I though they would form an ip address with more Easter eggs but I could not find a pattern in the numbers.

Any ideas

Damn, I wish I could think of somteihng smart like that!

Haha that's rediculous. No way

I beleive they are dates from when the Halos were created, the first decimal sector is years, ect (states 100000 when the "reclaimers" arrive).

hey, did you know if you go on halo waypoint (downloadable through game marketplace) if you press x on the home page and put in the codes from the end of the terminals, you get free credits. you get 7000 for the first 9, and the last one you get 37000 for, and an exclusive terminal where 343 guilty spark tries to befriend some of the covenant

Go on to gamewinners in google and it says they are symbols for use in halo waypoint and the give you credits for armor or some shit like that

Heres All Halo: CE Terminals Listed. Misson 1: Pillar Of Aumtmn The Terminal Is Right Next To Captin Keyes. The Video Features 343 Guilty Spark Scanning The Pillar Of Autmun Waiting For The Autmun's Arrival At Installation 04 On Alpha Halo. Ok Next Terminal Misson 2: Halo Ok When You Go Down In The Underground Forerunner Facilty When You Get To The Big Jump At The Enterance Fall Down the Jump. Go To The Dead End At The Bottom. The Terminal Is At The Dead End. Misson 3: Truth And Recocilation Ok You Go Past The Terminal Two Times; First You Fight A Zealot (On Heroic Diffuculty) And The Second Time You Return With Keyes. Misson 4: The Silent Cartographer: Ok The Terminal Is Located At The Middle Of The Island At The Base Where You Fight Two Hunters. At The Left Side Of The Base And If You See A Glowing Light Thats The Terminal. Misson 5: Assault On The Control Room: The Terminal Is Located At The Final Battlefield Right Below The Control Room. It's In A Hole Right Where An Elite's Driving A Ghost And Gets Stuck. Misson 6: 343 Guilty Spark: When You Are Esaping The Forerunner Facilty At The Elevator That Takes You Up To The Surface...Get On The Elevator And Jump On The Forerunner-Looking Doorway And That's Where The Sixth Terminal Is. Misson Seven: The Libary: At The 3rd Level Of The Libary Jump Over The Pillars On The Side Of The Open Room That Has No Elevator And Thats The Seventh Terminal. Misson 8: Two Betryals: After Destroying The Sentinals And Getting The Chapter Called "The Gun Pointed At The Head Of The Universe" Go All The Way Back On The Catwalk Of The Index And At The Back Theres The 8th Terminal.
Misson 9: Keyes: The Terminal Is Right Below The Gravemind-Infected Captin Keyes. Misson 10:The Maw: The Terminal Is Located In The Cyro Room. While Sentinals Are Battling The Flood, Go Up One Of The Ladders Of The Cyro Room And Get To The Coumputer Room And Search The Nearby Coumpouter Panels For The Terminals. Ok That Was WildBuffalo711's Terminal Hunting Guide! See You Next Time In My Skull Hunting Guide Bye-Bye!-WildBuffalo711

I Think There Is Different Kinds Of Terminals So Heres A List Of All The Different Terminals. There Are 2 USNC Terminals In The Game. And There Are Two Covenant Terminals In The Game. And Last But Not Least, There Are 7 Forerunner Terminals In The Game.(This Includes The Secret Terminal Too.)

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I found all of them and saw threshold on halowaypoint

How come there is an easter egg site for CEA terminals, but not for 3 terminals.

Sorry, I found the page for 3 terminals. you could delete my question if you want.

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