Hidden Mendoza Model

Level: 343 Guilty Spark

In 343 guilty spark there is a hidden Mendoza Biped. To find him start the level and keep pressing the grenade button until one grenade is thrown, then stop. Now wait until the pelican crashes on the edge of the map the exit the vehicle using the "action" key/button. From there keep walking forward until there is a kind of drop off to your right, go down onto it. Now continue forward until you run into the Hidden Mendoza Biped! The purpose of putting him here is to speed up the loading of the jenkings video. Hiding it here kind of acts as a pre-load for Mendoza.


This isn't even an Easter Egg. The developers just forgot to take him out.

Yeah, I remember seeing this guy. I just never could get up there. I'mma try that later.
Thanks guys! :)

I found Mendoza but he started blinking and I shot him and he started bleeding and fell on the ground and died

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