Hidden Picture of Beaver Creek in Battle Canyon

Level: Battle Canyon

Hidden in Battle Canyon, there is a hidden picture of Halo 2's Beaver Creek. It is a small picture, but it is on the underside of the structure hanging above Red Base. There are more of these hidden pictures, surprisingly enough, a nice memorial to Halo 2, but weird because this game takes place before Halo 2.
Good hunting! :)


Thanks for posting my Easter egg guys! i found this about an hour into playing the game yesterday, was really excited.

There's also one on the Penance map. In one of the rooms with pipes in it, up at the top of the room near the kill boundary, are two pies which have the picture on it. It's the room next to the main pipe room, it only has these two pipes, and one that you can jump onto in Spartan Mode. Sorry for being vague, but I'm away from my console wight now, and can't load up the map to be more specific. If anyone is confused, comment and tell me so and I will try and explain more.

@ezio0fd3ath The good thing about this site is that it is about being a community to the Halo fans! We look for Easter Eggs, and some acceptions like Skulls, Terminals, and Data Pads, but we aren't looking for Credit or being the first. We are looking for Easter Eggs while we can, and give the option for the site viewers to leave one for us to revise and publish. :) So once you have the picture, maybe a video or more descriptive information, then post it as an Egg and we will have it up shortly. :)

I realize this. I just wanted to get it out there for those who didn't know what it was. I have no way of taking videos, so I wanted to let someone else try and find it so they could post the Egg. Which it seems someone has done, which means my personal objective was complete, whether I had any role to play in it is moot. My job is done.

I love these articles. How many words can a wosrdmith smith?

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