Hidden Room

Level: Spire

On the multiplayer level "Spire" you can use the various tricks to get out of the map in theater mode to view this easter egg. Once out of the map you can go to the bottom of the level and you will find a strange green shield with the reach emblem on it. The shield is inside a solid cube, but once you are in theater mode, you can still see it clearly.


This shield is the same thing as the "safe area" looks like in forge world. Were a hacker to delete this he could lterally walk out of the map (guessing)

i found another one in theatre (i think it was on) oni sword base (campain) under the sea.

Bungie's Easter Egg Map barriers. Let's delete it! :D

It isn't that great... Others are better. Blaze The Cat is not amussed.

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