Hippo Doll in Rubbish

Level: Isolation

There is some sort of doll in the rubbish on highground. You can find this by using your monitors light and looking under the stairs next to the pipe room.


i think that's suposed to be a warthog. note the white "tusks" and pig like nose?

@ model S : Well nice assumption, they look more like teeth than tusks, but who knows. Yeah it could be, but we assumed because Bungie likes to use hidden Hippos. So you may be right.

This is a nod of the head to Wideload Games. The founder of Wideload is Alex Seropian, developer for Bungie and co-creator for the Marathon trilogy, Myth, Myth 2 Soulblighter, and Halo:CE. After Bungie was acquired by M$, he left to form Wideload. A pink hippo is the mascot for Wideload.

I found that in ODST

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