Invincible Warthog

Level: Outskirts

Proceed through the level as you would normally until you reach a dark tunnel where you need a flashlight. After that, hop in a warthog and continue through the level. As are about to enter the giant tunnel, turn around and go back to the spot right after the dark tunnel. If you are looking straight out from that tunnel, follow the path on your right (not down the road, but against the wall) until you reach a porch type area, there will be a warthog on it that is completely invincible like the ones in Halo CE.


Ahhh! We found this on our own a LONG time ago. Man we never uploaded the video but DAMN! This was fun. We discovered it first. Then you Tube videos broke out. :P

it is not invincible on the pc version of the game

it gets damaged but it wont get destroyed. u see those plants that the warthog is pointed at? drive into them and u can get out and use it! :)

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