Invisible Elite with Data Pad

Level: Noble Actual

At the very start of the level when you hop out of the falcon, if you sprint down the hill you will spot an invisible elite carrying a data pad. If you kill him you can pick up the data pad. He runs down the hill and once he reaches a certain point he just disappears. He is carrying one of 19 Data Pads scattered around the campaign. Now even though these are more of a Terminal or Audio Log than an Easter Egg. You should go and check these out. There are more Easter Eggs about the Data Pads further down the list.
Good Hunting! ;)


He think because he invisable he can't be seen WRONG i blow his brains out

he ran to fast for me and every time iam about to kill him i have to reload anyone got any tips or hints on how to kill him (i was trying to kill him myself)?

how did you know that there was a elite there.

i got a tip. this is the best way to kill an eliet. you baisicly shoot it ontil you get up to it. then you do whats i call the death roll. you keep moving around the eliet in a circle why whacking him and keep trying to get at his back. once there you can assasinait him and ta da the eliet is dead. im just having problems finding the guy really. is it on normal or what. see me around the web site. superdave1318

no, not normal. he can only be found on legendary, and i can't kill him on my own either.

I gotta try, so there are these now huh? I need to look into this.

how do you kill him?

once your drop run to the second ledge(make sure to have pistol). shot him before he gets about half way to the corner(only 1 shot with pistol when shooting eliet). then quick run because when you shoot him he stops. when he stops your all good to kill him.

I can never kill him

I couldn't get him until noah posted his comment. thanks

I'm always close to killing him but I have to reload.

The way I did it was sprint out of the falcon (hold x till you land then sprint) keep running till you get to the ledge that marks a checkpoint. Using your pistol get him in your sights and start shooting him. If you shoot him right he will stall. When your sprint returns sprint until it runs out and start shooting again. With enough tries you should be able to catch up with him and assassinate him. If you fail to catch him pause and revert to last save and you will respawn at the checkpoint when you saw him.

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