Jason Jones Floating Cardboard Cutout

Level: Halo

Jason Jones, a man who has been once Again put into the game remains as a funny Easter Egg. He was in Halo 2 in an Easter Egg titled "Legendary Jason Jones Cardboard Cutout". Put into the game again, he is a common Easter Egg, not only as his tanned cardboard cut out but also as a "Missing" poster you may come across in out lists of Easter Eggs.

When you start the level, go forward and hug the wall until you come to the point where you can jump down into the soon-to-be flood infested area. Turn right and go into a small forrunner structure with a terminal to the left, and a large gap with a blue light/laser beam streaming across it. The man is at the end of the corridor, on a platform to the left. You must grenade jump, or use the gravity hammer to launch yourself (or friends) onto the support beams ahead, then simply jump to the side-platform. If that fails, use the theater.

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A video has been uploaded now anyway, check that out.

XD The Card Board cut out from Halo 2! XD

How do u get a gravity hammer up there without 2 people or grenade jumping cause I'm not very talented at grenade jumping

He is carried by a grunt in halo 2

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