Legendary Ending

Level: The Maw

If you finish "The Maw" on Legendary you will see a bonus cut scene that shows the Pillar of Autumn blowing up with Johnson and an Elite hugging because they both know they will die. The cut scene is interesting in the fact that it's later referenced by "Guns" in Halo 2 when he asks "When are you going to tell me how you got off that ring?" to which Johnson replies, "Sorry Guns, that's classified".

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I laughed so hard when I did this years back! XD

just say but that elites hand went a little low

If jonson is there then how does he cone back in the next one

They survived a flood attack

maybe the elite had armor lockup and used it when hugging johnson and it made them survive and maybe the elite had some sort of oxygen tank on his back. maybe thats wat that "little hill" on the elite's back. sorry guns just figured out wat was classified and u can still forget those adjustments to ur A2 scope! :P

In the book "Halo: first strike" Johnson is confirmed to have gotten off Halo in a pelican with Polaski and a handful of other UNSC personnel. it is impossible he survived this cutscene, so i think it doesn't correspond with the storyline, it was just an easter egg.

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