Longshore Date Messages

Level: Longshore

The words Suck It Fronk is an in Halo 3's DLC map Longshore. It is located inside the freezer and is easier to see with the turret glitch. The words are on the right hand side but must be seen at an angle in order to fully read, as it is hard to see when looking straight at it. It is a bitmap, and therefore takes no effect when a grenade is thrown in its direction or shot at. It's likely a reference to the food brand Fronk's

Like the Canteen's Chalkboard, Suck it Fronk also changes on holidays.

Christmas Day: Seventh Column
Bungie Day: The sign reads "7/7/7"
Halloween: A skull
July 4: The sign reads "Home of The Free"
Cinco De Mayo: The sign reads "Root Beer @ Bob's Place"
New Years Day: The sign reads "Flash Freeze This"
Earth Day: An image of Fronk is there with the words "Save me" above him and "Eat Beef" below him. This is possibly a reference to the popular Advice Dog images found throughout the internet, as two completely different and unrelated pieces of advice are listed above and below a dogs head
Veterans Day: A Spartan hand giving a "rock on" gesture.


i know where that is, but where is the chalkboard with circo de mayo on it by?

where on the map do i have to do the turrent glitch to see this?

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