Master Chief in Cryo Tube

Level: Pillar of Autumn

During the cutscene right after you control the giant gun that blasts the dropships and banshees, if you pan with your right thumbstick to the right (hold down your right stick, to the right direction), there is a shot from within a hangar where you can pan and you can spot master chief in a cryo tube.


this is before halo 1, so why has he got his halo 2 armour on ,

@a person
I was wondering the same thing.

i thought it was a good reference to the fact reach was supposed to be made before the first halo

What are you guys talking about. He is clearly wearing the Mark Five Helmet from Halo Combat Evolved? Get your eyes checked.

Thank you so much for this aritlce, it saved me time!

can see him after some marines run by and hes in his halo 1armor not halo 2 and halo 3 armor

I not sure what level

The cake is a lie

this isnt master chief. if you read the books you'll find out that he's above reach in space when the rest of the spartans descend. This is actually a different spartan named Linda becasue in the end of Halo: Fall of Reach Master Chief sticks linda in a cyrotube in the pillar of autumn because shes wounded.

He is in Mark 4 armor, guys! Halo Reach was chronologically made 20 years after Halo Wars but before Halo CE!!!!!

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