The Megg

Level: Pillar of Autumn

You need to start the game on legendary. Once in that room where your shields are being tested jump ontop of the cryo-tube, then onto the shield tester and onto the ledge infront of it. Walk down the ledge until you see a yellow barrel. To activate the megg you must stand and jump on this yellow barrel. After that play the level through until you meet captain Keyes. Walk out and get the pistol and then walk right back in again and shoot him in the face (dosent really matter you just need to kill him). A bunch of marines will come to kill you. You need to run into the room that the marines come out of. There are a few techniques for this, one is hiding around the corner then running in quickly. Either way, you will find a bloody M shot into the roof.


i dont quite understand what this is?

It's just an M shot into the roof.

can u help me?

Megg is a bungie employe's girlfriend.
She is in halo 2 too

This easter egg is a salute to one of the Bungie workers' daughter who died.

It was a refrence to one of the programers current girlfriend, if I'm not mistaken.

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