Minature Skirmisher

Level: Winter Contingency

On the level 'Winter Contingency,' whilst Carter is telling you to watch your motion tracker, on the roof above is a minature Skirmisher. This enemy will then grow into it's regular size and run away. The only way to see this is to go into theatre mode.


U can kill him when he says watch ur motion trackers spirt outside and I'll c he do ing a big jump get a magmum and head shot him

lol, *looks at Skimisher* The Skirmsiher looks up and fires tiny Needles. You *SOMP!*

you should try assinating him

it should be crushable and in theater i wathed it get bigger

you can get on the roof

Ha!!!!!!! I will squash u like a bug.

I assassinated him. It was funny.

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