MOA Flavoured Burgers

Level: Exodus

In the level Exodus when you first encounter Civillians (The part when the drop ship rises up over the ledge) turn left and you will see some stairs, go up them and then look to your right and you will see a sign with 3 MOA's on it and the words "New Flavour". I wonder what MOA tastes like.


looks like the moas from the minecraft aether mod... Wait, are those things REAL?

I'll kill them in winter contingency and they will cook them

it stands for made only at ........

I'm not sure if this is an Easter Egg, but it was funny. :P

I don't know who you wrote this for but you hleped a brother out.



Also look at the price $7.77 bungies favorite number

that better be in kfc it looks tasty

if only there were gorilla burgers....

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