New Branch Constructions

Level: Breakneck

I found a little easteregg while I was playing around in forge.

I noticed a sign with the text ''NEW BRANCH CONSTRUCTION'':
(Sign located directly under the platform where the Bruteshot used to be.)
Thought that was an odd name for a company, so I went closer up to the sign and I noticed the little text in the lower right corner: ''a division of NYGREN INDUSTRIES''.

Then I knew I had found an easteregg, because I'm swedish.
''Newbranch'' is translated into ''Nygren'' in swedish, which is a common sername in Sweden.
When I looked up the name I found Deanna Nygren who worked as a 3D envirement artist at Certain Affinity.
She had a major role in the recreation of Headlong.

Her family in the past must have been one of the many emigrators who went from Sweden to America during the 19th century, so I guess it were a little easteregg of her origins.

Another funny thing where it says "division of NYGREN INDUSTRIES":
"Division" in english is translated into "branch" in swedish.
Lots of branches in that sign.

Found by: 7


That is kind of cool

just next to the logo there is a tm that stands for trade mark

Shouldn't this egg be on the CEA page?

Isn't this a Reach egg?

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