Penance Switch for GRD Doll

Level: Penace

When the GRD Doll was first found people had to glitch there way to get to the Penance GRD Doll. Later discovered was another technique that showed another easy way to receive the GRD Doll without Glitching the map.
For that we thank you guys! This is the second Egg post about the GRD Dolls and this one is a hidden why to receive it so enjoy! :)
There is also another Easter Egg below in the list showing the same thing along with three other Eggs in the same map, go check 'em out!
And don't forget, good Hunting! ;)

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this easter egg is in a multiplayer map too XD

I found this to when i first played the map

@Patrick4444444 : Good for you. They guy who found these found them 5 days before the game was out. :P

Ah, i see. Well that's not too tirkcy at all!"

this egg in cea was the only one i cant find but not anymore :D (the reach ones are good)

i found this on the map beaver creek my first time playing it !

So what does it do? :S I saw one in battle canyon or beaver creek one of those and I just thought it wa part it the map

lol its funny the noise it makes

I was randomly pressing X when I played this map and when I got next to the switch I heard a click and BAM, a grid doll was there. I found breakneck grid doll to.

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