Pillar of Autumn Bulletin Board

Level: Pillar of Autumn

There are heaps of easter eggs on this board including a reference to bungies old address, a reference to Alien (Missing: Calico Cat: Answers to Jonesy) and a poster that was used to advertise the game. The same board is found later in the game during the level "The Maw" shattered into pieces.


Hi there everybody, just thought I'd say howdy and introduce myself.

have you seen the same notice board in the anniversary edition? theyve gone and added some new posters and ads!!

Stop hack the program!!!

is the shattered one the one on bridge or the one in the cafeteria i can't seem to find it.

Thank you.

where is it at the Maw level?

HEY! It says keep it clean on a poster, that is what the Superintendent says in ODST

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