Position Indicator Funnies

Level: Various

There are probably hundreds of these scattered around the game, but if you go into certain locations in multiplayer, the little indicator that shows you where you are sometimes displays funny things. The best example is on powerhouse. If you jump off the edge of the cliff, your little position indicator will read "Vaya con Dios!", meaning "Go with god!".


whoo knows any others?

I am a Lengendary halo player nd i never seen that

@Lerler, if only your ability to express yourself online was as good as your Halo skills. You probably haven't seen it because it's quite a well hidden easter egg.

On Boneyard, if you play in forge, use your probe and go to the top of the ship in the middle, and it will say " above the ship".

the pelican easter egg is epic you get to go far off the boundry and go to the glassed city. But for some reason the buildings at the glassed city look like cardbord cut out's and you are invinsable. you can go through the covinent ship


@sam well i am good at finding things it's just me but i really don't play that map sorry i make my own

keep your eyes open it does it a second before you die

how do you get this

A wonderful job. Super helpful infroamtion.

it says go with god

i just tried it in forge it works

i just tried it in forge it works


"Go With God" might be a reference to Assasins Creed. While the sanctuary is under attack, you have to jump off a tower. The Assasin's leader says "Go With God" right before you jump.

halo reach has truck lodes of easter eggs!

on board walk if you go on top of a crenallation ill say make out point

Does it work in multiplayer?

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