Red vs. Blue Dialouge

Level: Crow's Nest

On the "Crow's Nest" Level (Number 3) When you get your gear and heads towards the fight you see the warthog blow up and you fight with grunts you need to keep going straight to the dead end (instead of turning left to advance) and turn right to see a marine knocking on a door to have something said depending on difficulty, Its hilarious RvB.

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XD yeah this was so funny! Many types on different Difficulties. Nice!

lol, the first time i played halo 3, i found this. i wasn't sure where to go and started going to both ends. i didn't even know it was an easter egg lol XD

ya i did the same thing when it was my first time playing but then the arrow showed up.

Always the best cnotnet from these prodigious writers.

ive seen these guys and they are very funny XD
"do i sound like a brute to you?"

Love this. Got to go watch some red versus blue now

When I first heard this, I thought: "Hey! It's RvB!" so I checked it here. I was right.

lol i just noticed that the one inside the door on legendary is caboose! also, does anyone know what RvB episode this is from? i must have missed it.

Troll face
There is no episode its specially recorded for halo 3.

The marine and voice are voices from Red vs. Blue
easy/normal is Tucker and Doc
heroic is Simmons and Grif
Legendary is Church and Caboose

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