Rex Sword

Level: Outskirts

Start on Outskirts on any difficulty. Fight through the part until the Hunters break through the door. Kill them, and then go through. Very quickly run into the next part and ignore the Jackals shooting at you. You should see two blue crates stacked on top of each other. Jump onto them to the higher platform, and you should see two green crates right next to each other. Jump on one of them, turn around to the direction of the Jackals, and then jump onto the light post in front of you. Once on the light post, turn directly around and jump onto the rafters of the building you see.

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XD Me and my brother found this on our own after DEEPLY exploring that map and FINING EVERY Easter Egg known there! Man, we were the first on You Tube to find it. To bad we couldn't upload it... :(

This is ecxatly what I was looking for. Thanks for writing!

There is another spot I found exploring on my own: in farther after you battles the hunters, there is a dumpster you can use to get on the roofs, I got a friend and we got outside the map where there is no more map...


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