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Level: Turf

On Turf if you go into the garage you will find a vending machine. One is Blue with a rooster and the other is Red with some false teeth. This is a nod to Rooster Teeth, the creators of the "Red vs Blue" series. Very clever but humorous Easter Egg Bungie! ;)


that is amazing

i love Roosterteeth its amazing i also love RvB! :D

Omg this is more than a nod. It's more like a high five in public!
Roosterteeth for all ^ ^

Oh, I totally forgot about this! Man I always wondered why that looked so familiar! Man! Nice Bungie!

This piece was a lifjeacekt that saved me from drowning.

Ya know, I hope Bungie and Microsoft have been getting permission from these guys for this stuff.

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