The Scarab Gun

Level: Metropolis

Start off on the Metropolis level, and eliminate the Marines that board the Scorpion - you?ll be glad you did. Cross the bridge as you normally would and destroy all the Ghosts and Wraiths that you encounter. When more Marines join the fight, though they are your own guys, take them out as well before reaching the end of the bridge. At the end of the bridge take out the Banshees that attack you but leave one in the air. Also, make sure to hijack a ghost before entering the tunnel. Lure the Banshee into the tunnel(you don't have to shoot at it, just stay in range). You have to lure the banshee all the way into the tunnel until you get to the hole at the end where you go into the next part of the level. You need to jack the banshee as the "Loading" is triggered. Once you have jacked it you can fly around in the next part of the mission. All you need to do now is fly upwards to the two huge bridges and grab the scarab gun (it looks like a plasma rifle).


Oh my god! The god damn Scarab dun! Jeez, we tried SO HARD to get that and when we were close WE FAILED! DAMN IT! We wanted this gun BAD! You know there are three in that WHOLE mission and you can use all three, All strong turrets! Man... WHAT A HARD Easter Egg.

Man, I am really getting tired and irritated of constantly correcting "yo yo". If he keeps up the stupid comments I am just going to ignore them and delete them...
- A Star from AnEProGamers
The Halo Easter Eggs Team

Kewl you sholud come up with that. Excellent!

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